The climbapedia climbing guidebook

Welcome to the climbapedia climbing guidebook!

The guidebook contains a list of crags with associated routes, topos and photos. It is a place for climbers to find and share information on crags and climbs around the world. It provides a framework so that it is easy for any registered user to add or update information - in true Wikipedia fashion. The more people add information, the more we all benefit. You can navigate through the guidebook using the maps or the list of contents.

Grades reflect either personal experience, local guidebooks, or consensus on other climbing sites. On the topos, they are colour coded: blue; up to 5c+; red 6a to 6c+; black 7a to 7c+; yellow 8a or harder. As always, the grades given may not match your morphology or strengths/weaknesses, treat them as a guide, and decide for yourself. Route lengths are usually given to the nearest 5m, so make sure your rope is long enough. Whatever, always tie a knot in the end.

Note also that because anyone can edit information, Climbapedia can and will contain undetected errors or omissions. Use it as a source of information, but remember you always climb at your own risk, and make your own judgements about what is safe and justifiable.  

If you find something on the site is out of date, or just plain wrong, please e mail, or better, log in and fix it! Any help or suggestions warmly welcomed.


Map of crags