Chuenisberg Premiere

Premiere is the far left hand side of Chuenisberg. Often neglected it has a few excellent routes. As with the rest of Chuenisberg it is in the shade, and so good for hot summer days, but equally slow to dry and cold in the winter.

Switzerland - Basler Jura
Rock Type
Number of routes
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


02 Unknown 6b 10m *

The middle of the three routes at the left hand side of the crag has a tricky move low down

03 Unknown 6c 15m *

The line just right of the last route, with a hard pull at the start and even harder pull at the end

04 Freak out 7b 15m
06 Premiereriss 4a 20m
07 The yellow shark 6a+ 16m
08 Hot rats 7a+ 16m ***

The crack and overhanging wall. Excellent

10 Zomby Woof 6b 20m
11 The adventures of Greggery Peggery 6a 15m


21 Ognissanti 3 8m

A short route at the left side of the long buttress that leads to Ravage

22 Born to lose 5a 14m
23 Chaca 5b 14m

Crack line. Shares the same lower off as "Born to lose"

24 Schlammkaiser 7b+ 9m

The short, steep overhanging wall

25 Bronenosez Potjomkin 7b+ 30m

At the left hand side of the "Satisfaction" buttress is a tree near the crag. Left of this is a broken wall that leads to a terrace below an overhanging upper wall. This is the left hand of the three routes from the terrace.

26 Nit lugg loo 7b 30m

The middle line from the terrace. Shares the same lead in as "Bronenosez"

27 Techniciens et dilletantes 7a+ 30m

The right hand line from the terrace. Shares the same lead in as "Bronenosez"

28 Gamma O.H: 7a+ 12m
29 Satisfaction 6a+ 15m
33 Reve d'hiver (Angie) 6b 15m

The left slanting fault line.

35 L'éclat c'est moi 6c 15m
38 Zur blauen Rebe 6a 17m

The overhung crack at the left hand side of the Ravage buttress.Name marked at the bottom

39 unknown 6b+ 20m

Starts up zur blauen Rebe and goes right at the first bolt to climb the wall and finish up a crack