Falkenfluh - Falkenspitz

The left hand side of Falkenfluh has many excellent mid grade routes climbing to the top of the Falkenspitz and Amboss pinnacles. It is typical Baslerjura climbing, with walls, corners, slabs and cracks, often polished. The left hand side gets the sun most of the day, although the trees do provide some shade.

Switzerland - Basler Jura
Rock Type
Number of routes
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
06 Zirekt 5b 24m
08 Taugenichts 6a 24m ***

A nice pitch that gets steadily harder.

09 Sechser-Kante 5c 25m

the arete

11 Atteindre le Hof 5a 12m

A short pitch to reach the ledge below the upper routes

12 Eisenweg 5c 18m

From the Hof climb the back wall

14 Via Fränzi 4a 11m

From the Hof the left hand side of the wall to the top of the pinnacle. Nice views!

15 Schleimspur 6c 10m

The middle of the wall

16 Zigarillo 5b 10m

The right hand side of the wall.

17 Raining Stones 6a 23m

Climb to and pull over the little roof, then continue up and rightwards

18 Ambosskante 5c 27m

the left arete

19 Kalamos 22m


20 Alte Freunde 5a 22m
21 Kalte Freunde 6c+ 20m
22 Zirkel 6a+ 21m
23 Rasputin 6c+ 20m
24 Gelbe Verschneidung 6a 25m
25 Aumba, Balumba, Bulum, Bambu 6b 25m
26 Feierabendpfeiler 6b+ 19m
27 Feierabendriss 5a 25m
28 Nirwana 6a 25m
29 Pfeiler 5c 25m