Falkenfluh - Piazza Grande

Some easy slabs, some desparate walls and one of the best routes in the area. Piazza Grande lives up to it's name as one long layback, although maybe it is better to jam it in places. The crag, like the rest of Falkenflluh gets the sun in the afternoon. 

Switzerland - Basler Jura
Rock Type
Number of routes
North West
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Parafon 6a 16m
02 No Name 7b 18m
03 Gugus 6b+ 18m
04 Leichencoctail 6c 20m
05 T 18 5a 12m
06 Oahzapft is 5b 12m
07 Frei Bier 5c 12m
08 La Bété 6a 12m
09 Kanal fatal 6a+ 12m
10 Ergebnis einer Berührung 6c 17m
11 Alpenklüppler 4a 20m
12 Baum der Erkenntnis 7b 25m
12a Honky Punk 7b 25m

The Wall R of "Baum..." to finish at the same lower off

13 Piazza Grande 6b+ 26m Gold

The superb long corner

14 Cirque en Flex 8a+ 30m
15 Kodo 7c+ 20m
16 Milde Patina 7a 20m
17 Hammer und Sichel 7b+ 25m
18 Art Deco 7c+ 30m
19 Gilgamesch 7c+ 30m