Get Wet Canyon

On hot summer days after a long dry period, Get Wet Canyon is an ideal place to escape the heat. A deep chasm cut into the side of the hill, the temperature can be 20 degrees lower at the foot of the canyon than at neighbouring Tannenfluh. However it stays wet for a long time, and the routes can be dirty until they have had a bit of traffic. When it is in condition, many of the routes are excellent.

Switzerland - Basler Jura
Rock Type
Number of routes
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

The first deeper, cooler, damper canyon.

11 Welcome to Get Wet Canyon 6b 11m

The left hand wall starting at the crack

12 Reiser 6c 11m
13 Incubus 7a 16m
14 Psychdrom 6c+ 16m
15 Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet 7c 18m
16 Unknown
17 Zerberus 7c+ 20m ***
18 Moos 69 5a 20m
19 Dirty Dancing 7c 18m ***
19a Renato Corosone 7a 18m

An easier finish to Dirty Dancing

19b Kartoffelsack 7b 18m
20 Die steile Feuchte 6c 15m

GET WET CANYON SOUTH WALL. The wall opposite the main canyon wall

23 Unknown 5a 20m
24 Unknown 7b 20m
25 Unknown 5a 20m
26 Unknown 6a 20m

HINTERE CANYON. The upper part of the canyon is reached by scrambling up the right hand side of Get Wet to reach the top of the gorge, and then descending into it

31 Battle Cat 6a+ 14m **
32 SSSnake 6b 14m

The wall just to the right of Battle cat starting up the ramp

33 Guernica 6c+ 15m

A nice climb on big holds

34 Sceletor 6c 15m

The right hand arete of the lower wall

35 Caramba 10m
36 Keine nerven Sache 6a 10m
37 Kurz aber Furz 6c+ 7m