Hannibal Turm

Hannibal Turm offers friendly, multi pitch climbing, set amongst the beauiful rock scenery surrounding Furkapass, with the added attraction of reaching the summit of a large detached monolith. It is 150m high, with bolts in all the right places and made of beautiful, solid granite. The grades given are for a totally free ascent, although particularly on Conquest of Paradise, this can be reduced by pulling on the gear. But then if you do that, you may as well put a bus stop on the top. Descent is by abseil down the routes.

Switzerland - Central
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a - 6c

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Elefantenrüssel 150m ***

An excellent route with a bit of a run out on the third pitch. The leader should be comfortable on 6a+. Pitch grades: 5b; 5c+; 6a+; 6b; 6a.

02 Conquest of Paradise 150m Gold

A justifiably popular route that wanders up the centre of the face. 5c obligatory. 5c; 5c; 5a; 5c+; 6b; 4c

03 Kassensturz 150m

6b obligatory. 5c+; 6a; 6b; 6b+; 6a+; 6c