Hofstettenchöpfli is the escarpment of limestone crags that lies between Flüh and Hofstetten. The escarpment is interesting for it's abundance of rare Downy oak trees that usually only grow in a Mediterranean climate. On the Chöpfli they survive only at a very limited altitude, and the tree line can clearly be seen in autumn from nearby Landskron castle. The left end of the ridge is approached from Flüh and Elsässerwand is a pleasant crag with lots of wall climbing in the 6a to 6c range. The crags in the middle section are rarely visited, and the right hand side, nearer Hofstetten has a couple of classic routes, and a lovely picnic spot at the top, with views of the surrounding countryside.

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Elsässerwand at the left hand side of Hofstettenchöpfli is a pleasant crag with lots of wall climbing in the 5b to 6c range. It gets the sun in the afternoon, and dries quickly after rain. At 5a, Efeupfeiler is a classic of the crag

Hofstettenchöpfli - Middle

The middle section of the Chöpfli is seldom visited, but has some worthwhile buttresses. Chrüz is the most Northerly and nearest to Flüh. Because of rare nesting birds, climbing is not allowed. Denkpause is the central and most impressive buttress to look at, and Grütli is the nearest to Hofstetten

Hofstettenchöpfli - Right

The right hand side of Hofstettenchöpfli is approached from Hofstetten. Similar in nature to Flüh, the Isis buttress has a couple of excellent classic routes, a few shorter hard ones, and even its own pinnacle (Pudelfels), now unfortunately surrounded by the trees. It is in a beautiful location and the fireplace at the top offers perfect views over Mariastein, Landskron and the surrounding area. It is a great place to watch the many buzzards and kites in this area, and enjoy sausages and a beer as the sun goes down.