Kalymnos Arginonta skyline

With fantastic views over Arginonta bay, a sense of loneliness, and some quality rock and routes to match, the Arginonta skyline is well worth the longer walk. Maybe even the walk is one of the attractions.  The skyline consists of 6 separate sectors, each offering something different. Kryptos and Haute Gorge face east and do not get the shade until mid afternoon. The other sectors face SW and get the sun around midday. 

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
South West
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick






C01 Malista Kyrie 5a 12m **

Starts in the small cave on the left hand side of Ovoland

C02 Dirty Free Shop 4c 12m **

Just right of the little cave

C03 To Salingari 5b 15m **
C04 David goes to the pub 5a 20m **
C05 Koukouvas 5c 20m ***
C06 Kraftreaktor 6a 25m **
C07 Bora Einal 6a+ 30m **
C08 The Perasel 6b 30m ***
C09 Epimetheus 6a+ 30m ***
C10 Epimetheus extension 6b 45m ***

Note the length of the route. Put a knot in the end of the rope

C11 Hero of the day 6a 30m Gold
C12 Hero of the day extension 6a+ 45m Gold
C13 Mnemosyne 5b 20m **
C14 Mnemosyne extension 5c 30m **
C15 Petranella 4b 22m **
C16 Petranella extension 5c 30m **


D01 Odious Guppie 7b 18m **
D02 Tom-Tom club 7a 12m *
D03 Blame the machine 8a 28m Gold
D04 Fanny Ma Reine 7b+ 25m Gold

The prominent tufas in the corner, moving right to finish

D05 Anazitisi 6b 28m **
D06 Trou par trou 6a+ 28m ***

A tricky start then sustained on pockets

D07 Fioca 7a 28m Gold

Technical climbing up the immaculate wall and slab

D08 Duro 7b 28m ***

Just to the right of Fioca

D09 Puro 6c 28m ***


D10 Sqale 6c 28m ***
D11 Riri 6c+ 28m ***
D12 Fifi 6b+ 28m ***
D13 Loulou 6a+ 28m ***

delicate moves between big pockets

D14 Petra 6b 28m ***

Hard for the grade

D15 Filou 6a+ 20m **
D16 Zipfelmütze 6a+ 20m **
D17 Fillo 5a 25m **




F01 Stung in action 6a 15m

The left hand side of the crag

F02 Buzz off 5c 15m

Same lower off as "Stung ..."

F03 Mr Bumbles 6a 15m
F04 Bzzz 6a+ 15m
F05 Eee bee 6b 25m
F06 Bee careful 6a 15m
F07 Drone on 6a+ 15m
F08 Stinger 6b+ 15m
F09 Bee ready 5c 15m
F10 Wasp ease 5b 15m
F11 Queen jelly 5a 20m
F12 Huni monster 5a 20m
F13 Vespa 5b 20m
F14 Hornet 5c 25m
F15 Papy dede 6a+ 20m
F16 No way 6a 20m
F17 Ausfarte 6a 20m
F18 Crystal 6a+ 4m

A steep start then crozzly holds

F19 Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda, Buddha 6c+ 20m
F20 My thyme 6b+ 20m 0

Not recommended, sharp and with a large loose block

F21 Theo 6c+ 25m
F22 I've been wild 6c 25m

Excellent sustained climbing that is never too hard

F23 About thyme 6c 25m
F24 Face thyme 6c 25m
F25 Comeback 6c+ 25m
F26 Amie 7b 25m
F27 Last thyme 7a 20m
F28 Fat bread 7c 20m
F29 Highlight 7b 20m

Technical climbing that feels longer than it is

F30 Fateve na canna 6c+ 20m

Climb the tufa, then a long pull to finish more easily

F31 Renew 6b+ 20m
F32 Respect 6c+ 20m
F33 Loucia 6c 20m
F34 Trio 6b+ 20m
F35 Solo 6b 20m
F36 Piccalia 6a 25m
F37 Ruby 5c 15m
F38 Steinwurf 5c 15m
F39 Red scar 5c 15m

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