Kalymnos Arginonta Valley

Arginonta valley is a set of 3 cliffs just a few miinutes walk from the parking in Arginonta village With it's well bolted, mid grade routes, on good rock, that are in the shade when most crags are in the sun, it is perhaps inevitable that the crags are popular, sometimes too popular. Most of the route names are written at the foot of the climbs, making route finding easy.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5b - 7a+
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

Turn left from middle wall

01 Arion 6c+ 15m
02 Unicorn 7a+ 18m
03 Diagoras 7a 18m
04 Wanderlust 6c 16m
06 Lorreta 7c 18m
07 Alcyone 7a+ 20m

People of less than average stature will find this a lot harder


The first sector that you reach after going uphill from the gate

11 Ahtarmas 5a 20m

On the left hand side

12 Skafandro 5c 20m
13 Hippocrates 6a 23m
14 Alani 6a+ 38m
15 Inn Vino Veritas 6b 30m
16 Tricky tricky manu mou 6b+ 30m
17 Patokorfa 6a+ 30m
18 Rufixius 6a+ 33m
19 Greundzo 6b 33m
20 Grigna 6b 33m
21 Rhythm of the rain 6a 33m
22 Thunder road 6b 30m
23 Sythas 5c 30m
24 Kavourmas 5c 28m
25 Kamaki 5b 20m
26.1 PAO 51 5b

To the right of Kamaki

26.2 Exodus 5b 35m

A long enjoyable pitch

26.3 Ex Nihilo 5b
26.4 La Paz 5b
26.5 Piraten des Caramels 5c
26.6 Terra Nullius 5a
26.7 Flocki 5c
26.8 La Fee Raille 5b
26.9 Les Monchus 5b
27 1 Le Pote Age 5b
28.1 Cozze 5b
28.2 Kacakeis 5b
28.3 Tutebatti 5c
28.4 Pimpampel 5c+
28.5 Mona Lisa 6a 30m

Nice moves round the bulge

28.6 La Gallois 6a+ 30m

More nice bulge climbing

28.7 Zatz 5c+ 20m
28.8 Schlupp 5b

Turn right at middle wall, right wall is 100m to the right

31 Naughty monkey 5c 20m

The first route on right wall, a pleasant slab

32 Naughty monkey extension 7a 35m **

Continue up the overhanging wall on large smooth holds

33 Bohemian mermaid 5c 20m

Another pleasant slab

34 Bohemian mermaid extension 6c+ 30m **

Continue up the technical groove

35 Nargile 6a 20m
36 Rock tragos 6a 20m **

Nice moves round the bulge

37 Damos 6a+ 20m
38 Ravasaki 6a+ 20m
39 Zephyros 6a 20m
40 Zephyros extension 6c+ 30m
41 Le bleu du ciel 6b+ 30m
42 Ad Hoc 6b 30m
43 Iodine 6a 30m
44 Gasteclou 6a+ 30m
45 L'Engeance 6a+ 35m
46 Banroche 5c+ 30m
47 Chausse-Trappe 6a 30m

Crags in this region: