Maria ponte el arnés

Pince sans rire is an excellent sector with stamina routes to test your fitness. The difficulties are not usualy that hard, but the steepness and sustained nature of the routes means that climbing style, economy and coolness pay dividends. Maria ponte el arnés is a great example. Given 7b+, there is no single move that merits this grade. But put together, the three harder sections coupled with the length of the route means that few will dispute it.

The route

The route starts easily enough up a slab and wall, but as the wall steepens things start to get tougher.

The start of the difficulties  crossover  better holds

work it out  A long . .  . . move . .

.. to a good side hold . .  use your feet . .  . . and keep going, it gets easier now

Once this long sequence of 3 tricky moves has been mastered, you arrive at the upper crack. If this was on the ground it would be easy. Well, not too bad. But with arms drained, and bolts that could be a bit closer, it feels very hard. On one attempt, scared and pumped I decided to clip-stick the last bolt, only to find that my clip-stick was not long enough! So be warned. But if you go for it, you will get up it. Hesitate and you will fall.