Along with Gempen, Falkenfluh, Schauenburgfluh and Tüfleten; Pelzli is one of the major crags in the Basler Jura. With many distinct buttresses set in the middle of  a beautiful wood, it is a delight to climb here. The rock is generally solid, and the bolting usually good. The downside is that many of the routes are becoming polished. Pelzli consists of two distinct parts. The lower section, which has the impressive Daumenfels, a 30m free standing pinnacle, where the easiest route to the top is a 4th category scramble, but also with many longer, harder climbs. The base is is just 2 minutes walk from the road. The upper section is a little further to walk, although there is a family friendly picnic spot separating the two sectors. The upper sector has many excellent wall climbs and some very hard slab climbs, dating back to the 1980s. 8a slabs are probably out of fashion these days, and it has to be said that Pelzli does not have the quantity of hard routes of some of the other cliffs in the region. Pelzli is also good for bouldering, with many problems scattered underneath the upper sector.

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Pelzli Lower

The lower section of Pelzli is just a few minutes walk from the road and consists of the spectacular Daumenfels, and two smaller buttresses, Le Doigt and Mättelifels. Climbing on the Daumenfels is satisfying, in that the only way to the summit is by climbing, and there are routes on all 4 of its faces. Le Doigt is smaller with just a few shorter routes, Mättelifels is more impressive with a long overhanging nose and some smaller buttresses next to it.  

Pelzli Upper

The upper section of Pelzli consists of series of buttresses and boulders. The climbing is excellent with routes in all grades from 4c to 8a.