Rodellar - Gran Boveda and La Nuit des Temps

Gran Boveda is one of the premier crags in Rodellar with numerous steep and long routes from 7b upwards, and very easy access. It does not get shade until the afternoon, so a relaxing start to the day is posssible,and due to the nature of the routes, you can look forward to a rest day the day after. Being close to the river it gets less wind than some of the other cliffs, an advantage early and late in the season, but means it can get hot when the temperature rises, despite the shade. La Nuit des Temps has some easier routes, making them popular, they are still very good despite the polish.

Spain - Rodellar
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6b - 8c
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


01 Merci Diego 7b+ 10m
02 Le Branlotin 8a+ 12m
03 Minas Trith 8c+ 20m
04 El Salto del Angel 8b+ 15m
05 Shanghai baby 8b+ 15m
06 Puto carpiano 7c+ 12m
07 Al rojo vivo 7c+ 12m
08 Tierra y libertad 7b 18m **
09 El clan de los M'klau 7b+ 18m **
10 Comando coño 7b+ 20m ***
11 La Kanábica 8b 30m **
12 Iwanovory 8b 30m
13 Aquiles 7c+ 20m
14 Tú que siempre nos esperas 7c 25m ***

steep to a tricky finish

16 Fiesta Pagana 8b 25m
17 Sopas de ajo 7b+ 25m ***
18 Más vale tarde que nunca 7c+ 25m
19 Nanuk 7c 25m ***
20 Coach ou Tryan 7c 30m **
21 La Méche 7c+ 30m
21a Cachaça Caliza 8a 30m

just right of la meche

22 Delocalisation 8a 30m
22a Mechanto 7c 30m

right of delocalisation

23 Maroskum 7c 30m ***
24 Ambicion Cero 7c+ 25m **
25 Les Cadres Regenerent 8a 25m **
27 Zorillo 8a+ 30m
28 El Sepes 8a 30m ***
30 La mangatina 8a+ 30m
31 Cascavel 8c 30m
32 Legalization 8a+ 35m
33 Gladiator 8b 40m **
34 Coliseum 8a 40m Gold
35 Géminis 8b+ 40m ***
36 Madame Croché 9a 40m
37 Alter Ego 8b 35m
38 La Banda 8b 35m
39 Jóvenes promesas 7c+ 35m
40 Vielles glories 7c+ 40m ***
41 A Muerte 8b 37m **
41a Una mort l'any que ve 8a 30m

move right out of the top wall of A muerte to reach the lower off of L'any

42 L'any que ve tambe 7c 30m ***

A classic. It is also possible to extend the route to the top of A muerte by a traverse and a series of very fine moves (Navegando a muerte 8a; 40m)

43 Pinza time 8a 20m
44 Ganja time 8b+ 35m
45 Argo 8a 35m **

a hard crux but low in the grade

46 Andele güey 7c+ 35m
47 Amelie 6c+ 35m **
48 La Nuit des Temps 7a+ 40m *

Two pitches 5b;7a+.

49 Ayante 8b 40m
50 Anfiestamina 7c 40m ***


51 Tam Tam 5b 12m

The obvious corner to the ledge

52 Objetivo M 6b+ 40m

Extension to Tam Tam

53 De Puta Madre 7a+ 40m
54 Fanthkes o panthere 7a 40m ***
55 Cuca o Cocodreal junky 6c 30m ***

Hard start

56 Savane Esquise 6b 30m **
57 Coup de machete 6b 20m *

Right hand finish to Savana

58 Mescalina tropical 7a 20m **

bouldery crux

59 Venin 7a 20m *
60 Jour de Fete 7c 20m
61 La quilla 7b+ 20m