Rodellar - Las Ventanas and El Delfin

El Delfin is a hole in a huge limestone wall that when viewed from the North looks uncannily like a dolphin. It gives it's name to one of Rodellar's most photographed routes, a 7c+ that climbs up the lip of the arch. El Delfin also has a few middle grade routes, something which are in short supply in the area. By contrast, the adjoining Las Ventanas has some of Rodellar's hardest routes. An expanse of overhanging white limestone, offering many quality routes. The south face of the El Delfin arch is only in the shade early in the morning, Las Ventanas is in the shade in the afternoon.

Spain - Rodellar
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a - 8c
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


01 Las chicas del puente 6c+ 15m

At the far left hand side is an orange wall with a hard fingery start and a steep overhanging finish

02 La del Taco 7a+ 15m
03 Buenos comienzos 7b 15m

A hard bouldery start, finish as per La del taco

04 Las ventanas del Mascun 7b+ 20m
05 La vinya de l'Estevet 7c+ 20m
06 Super Chipmunt 7c+ 20m
07 La Rubia y el empujador 8a+ 20m
08 El lado oscuro de la fuerza 8a+ 20m
09 La vara de Florentino 7c+ 25m
10 A crabita 8a 25m

same start as La var, move right after a few metres

11 Sierra de guarras 8a+ 25m
12 Via del Kim 8a 25m
13 Citrus 8a+ 25m
14 La cenas de Isidoro 7b+ 20m

The obvious left trending diagonal line, finishing on the left

15 L'Idole 8b+ 25m

Start as for La cena and continue direct at the half way point

16 Phillipe Cuisinere 8b+ 30m
17 La parada del Olvido 35m
18 Como tripa de conejo 8b+ 35m

same lower off as La parada

19 Ixeia 8b+ 30m
20 Esprit rebeld 8b 30m
21 Montserrat 8a+ 30m
22 BTR 8a+ 30m
23 The kings of metal 8a+ 35m
24 El proletario Senecto 8a+ 35m
25 Volver a nacer 7b+ 25m
26 Decotation Man 8a+ 35m
27 Amistad 8c 35m

7c+ to the roof

28 Los voladores de Papantla 8b+ 35m
29 Botanics 8b+ 35m
30 No pan no gain 9a+ 40m
31 Mistral 8c 35m

The first route left of the arch


SECTOR JUAN Y FRAN. Between the two arches

33 Pata Negra 8c 35m

The first route right of the arch

34 Mal de amores 8a+ 25m
35 No bouchon spirit 7c+ 25m
36 Juan y Fran se nos van 7a+ 20m ***

A classic. Climbs the large tufa then launches up the steep wall

38 Bis a bis 7a 20m ***

A reachy crux followed by jug pulling. Excellent

39 La bruja de Blair 7b 20m ***

Another excellent steep climb with a hard move high up


El DELFIN ARCH. The South Side of the arch

40 unknown 6a+ 17m
41 unknown 6a+ 15m
42 El Delfin 7c+ 20m **

Don't forget the camera

43 El Bedunino 6b+ 15m
44 Tui aqui no has venido a escalar 6b+ 15m
45 unknown 6c 15m
46 Paula 7b+ 17m

DELFIN POR DETRAS. The North side of the Delfin arch

51 Eagle Noir 7c+ 15m

Climbs the left hand side of the North Arch

52 La Gatera 7a 15m

Starts at the right hand side of the north arch and climbs up and left to a thrutchy off width finish

53 Unknown 7c+ 15m

As for La Gatera but continue straight up instead of doing the offwidth

54 Unknown 7c 15m

The 2nd variation on La Gatera takes the same start and uses the right hand set of bolts

55 La del Johnny 7c 15m

Btween La Gatera and A toro pasau

56 A toro pasau 7a+ 15m ***

Starts at the back of El Delfin  and climbs the easiest, exposed overhanging line up and right. Pumpy. After lowering off climb the easy slab back up to El Delfin

57 Guaises 7b+ 20m

Right of A toro pasau

58 Made in Mascun 7c+ 25m

Right again