Santa Ana left bank

Santa Ana is a major climbing area next to the large dam of the river Noguera Ribagorcana which forms the Santa Ana reservoir. The river acts as the border between Catalonia and Aragon. The true left bank of the river has climbing on excellent, rough limestone with two distinct cliffs. The Agulles Cara offers wall and slab climbing, with the additional attraction of getting to the summit of a detached pinnacle. It's south face gets the sun all day.  The left hand side of Paret del Vent is in the shade in the morning and provides several mid grade slab and wall climbs. By contrast the right hand side has several very hard test pieces. 

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
mostly 6a to 8a
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

AGULLES CARA SUD LEFT. The impressive needles give excellent climbing

01 Popeye 7a 80m

The south face of the west pinnacle has five routes on it. Routes 2,3,4 and 5 start 40m below the summit. Route 1 starts from the road: 6a; 6c; 7a; 6a

02 Ones alfa 6b 40m

starts slightly lower than the other 3 routes on this sector. Same lower off as routes 3 and 4

03 Planeta gris 6a+ 35m ***
04 Mejor que bien 6b 35m Gold

low in the grade

05 Pionera 6b+ 35m ***
06 Temps robat 6b 25m

The left hand route of the second pinnacle

07 Casa Lluna 6c 25m

just to the right of Temps robat

08 Millor solucio 6b 25m

AGULLES CARA SUD RIGHT. Just a bit further up the hillside from the left hand pinnacle

09 Via d'Acces 5c 20m

Further up the hillside from the first pinnacle is a large cleft. The next 6 routes are on the left hand side of this cleft.

10 Buscanta l'Atlantida 6a+ 20m

Same lower off as Via d'Access

11 Juego Sucio 6c+ 30m

The first pitch to the lower off of Via d'Acces is 6b. The extension 6c+

12 Ales de Vidre 6b+ 25m
13 Cavalcar el Drac 7a 25m
14 Tallaams 6c+ 30m
15 Martin Gala 6c 30m

The first route right of the cleft

16 Si Vale 6c 30m

Start as for Martin Gala and move right to reach the first lower off of Tosuda then continue upwards

17 Tosuda 6c 30m

The corner right of the cleft. At the first lower off move right where Si Vale goes direct

18 Bones Vibracions 6c 30m

Right of Tosuda

19 Els Ulls d'un Salat 6c+ 12m

A short route up the grey slab

20 Els Asmat 6a+ 10m

The slab to the first lower off

21 Donnes per Terra 6a+ 35m

The left hand extension to Els Asmat

22 Entrecot et Roquefort 6b 35m

The right hand extension to Els Asmat

23 Terra de Covards 6b+ 25m

The wall left of the big corner crack

24 Fals advocat 6c 40m

The wall right of the big corner crack

25 Nina Punales 6b+ 40m

Same start and finish as Fals Advocat



31 La cagé del palom 7a+ 15m

On the lower buttress

32 Sobre l'algua 6b 15m

This, and the next two routes are on the buttress to the right of the descent gully as you descend it.

33 Patatera 6b 15m

The midddle of the 3 routes on this buttress, left of the tree.

34 Primera d'Any 6a 15m

The right hand side

35 El mugro 7a+ 12m

The first route on the left as you descend the gully

36 Enemigo 6c+ 15m
37 Castigo 7a+ 15m

Just to the right of the descent gully

38 Angelilo 6a+ 17m
39 Tomatera 6a 20m
40 Mucho fino pa pescado 6b 20m
41 Cradle snatcher 6a+ 20m
42 Flor d'hivern 6a+ 15m **

balancy climbing on crozzly pockets

43 Musgomania 6c 35m **

Starts just to the right of Flor. Climb to the ledge where harder climbing leads to the top. Take care with communication or belay higher up to avoid hitting the ledge.

44 El drac 7a 35m

6a+ to the first lower off, then climbs the wall left of the black streak

45 Vold d'Icar 7b 35m

Breaks left from the lower off of All road

46 All road 6c

The corner. 6a+ to the first lower off

47 Pod imagine 6b+ 37m

Slightly to the right of the other routes on this sector starting at a small ovehang. Two parts, both 6b+



48 Alme libre 7c+ 20m
49 Como el agua 8c 20m

same lower off as Alma libre

51 Pajaros electronicos 8c 20m
52 Obrint pas 8c+ 25m

8c to the first lower off

53 Pajaritos 8b+ 20m

Links the start of Obrint Pas with the finish of Pajaros Electronicos

54 Obrint et sistema 9a+ 30m
56 No ti frikia 7c 25m