Ager - camp 300

An excellent crag of high quality rock in a beautiful location. Ager camp 300 has many slab type routes, that sometimes overhang. Bolting is excellent and the routes are up to 30m in length. The crag faces due south meaning that it can get hot, however the altitude ensures climbing is possible here in the spring and autumn when it is too hot in other locations. The left hand sector is described here, there are two further sectors a bit further right (looking in)

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6b - 8b
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Finesse 6b 20m
02 Pente-ecole 6b 20m **

Nicely bolted slab climbing

03 Alvéolos 6b+ 20m **

Easier at the start, harder higher up. Same lower off as pente-ecole

04 El Gominolos 6c+ 20m

just to the right of Alvéolos

05 Barriobajera 6c+ 20m

The buttress right of Pente-ecole

06 El Ilusionista 7b+ 20m

The left hand liine on the buttress right of Barriobajera

07 Borde el ataque 7a 20m

The rightward trending weakness just right of El Ilusionista

08 Babel 7a 20m

A direct on Borde el ataque, same lower off

09 A peu d'Arna 8a+ 22m
10 Houston, tenemos una problema 8b 22m
11 Tila Tequila 7c 22m
12 La casa de la bomba 7c+ 20m
13 Chile Habanero 8a 20m
14 7b+ 20m
15 L'instructor 7b 20m
16 Orejones 6b+ 25m

Right of the El Ilusionista buttress is an obvious square cut overhang 10m up. Climb up to the left hand side of this and continue direct

17 Fisurian 7a 30m

Climb to the right hand side of the roof, traverse under it and finish up Orejones. Often wet

18 Ian el picador 7b 30m

As for Fisurian but continue direct

19 Entrada en perdida 7a+ 25m
20 Pussy cat 6b+ 30m
21 Krusty 7a+ 30m
22 Peatones 7c 30m
23 Arroz con Bacalao 8b 30m
24 El Guardabosques 6c+ 30m
25 La Indoblable 7c+ 30m
26 La infexible 8a 18m

The curving flake

27 Rubio Turbio 8b+ 20m
28 Corall Roig 7c 20m
29 Richter 7a+ 30m

40m left of the metal rungs at the right hand side of this sector is an obvious corner. Climbs the wall left of the corner

30 Esencia 6b 30m

The obvious corner

31 Ella Beila Sola 6c+ 30m ***

The corner, arete, bulge and slab right of Esencia with un pas de bloc to reach the last bolt.

32 Les Veus de la Nit 7b 20m
33 Ian y Relan 7c+ 30m
34 project
35 Diedre harmonic 7c+ 20m

At the right hand end of this sector, just before the metal rungs leading round the arete