Camarasa - Crestes de Conill South

The Crestes de Conill are a very interesting geological formation. Fins of rock, 50m high, that are not much thicker than your car, giving solid, slabby climbing. Conveniently one fin faces due south, the other due north, so you can choose according to the season and time of day which one you climb on. The south face, described here, has the easier routes, nearly all of them of high quality. Oddly there is  lot of undeveloped rock to the right and left of the routes here. Not sure if that is because the rock is of a poorer quality, or just because . . . 

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5b - 6c
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Sputnik 5c 25m
02 Sbutnic 6a 25m
03 Kinokorre Vola 6b+ 30m
04 Plakistan 6a 30m
05 Sati 6b 35m
06 Cati Sali 6a 20m
07 Dai 6b+ 35m

Extension to Cati Sali

08 Sundari 5c 20m
09 Sundari Rambo 6b+ 35m

Extension to Sundari

10 El Profe 6a 20m
11 La Sentiu es Guai 5c 20m
12 Chollu 6a 20m
13 Nanka Palbar 5c 20m
14 Dream climb 6a+ 20m
15 Tibetano 6b+ 20m
16 Omega 6a 20m
17 Yin 6a+ 35m

extension to Omega

18 Alfa 5c 20m **
19 Beta 5c 20m **
20 Yang 6a 35m ***

Extension to Beta

21 Gama 5b 20m **
22 Plat Combinat 6a 35m
23 Chischar 6c 35m
24 Calter 600 6b+ 25m
25 Funcionario 6b+ 25m
26 de pasiones (project) 35m

extension to Funcionario

27 Ian Man 6b+ 25m