Camarasa - Marcant Estil

Camaras is a large climbing area with excellent short and long routes. It does not get the sun until the late afternoon. Marcant Estill is just one of the many crags and is popular due to the many low grade routes, shade and ease of access.

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
North West
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
24 Los Panchetas 5b 15m

Climb the slab to the break, pull over the bulge with difficulty and trend right to finish

27 Set Time Bul 6b 15m

The right hand arete

28 Capa d'Alt 5b 15m

This and the next 7 routes are on the buttress left of the obvious crack of Fisura Curset

29 Wall Street 6a 15m
30 Comor de Mom 6a 15m
31 Rasbides walk 5c+ 15m
32 Posture sexy 6a 15m
33 Nacido Para Volar 5c 15m
34 Per Joves 4c 15m
35 Fisura Curset 4b 12m

The obvious crack

36 El Guardian de Marcant Estil 6a 15m
37 Kebeseixo 6a+ 15m
38 Del Guillem 6b 15m
39 Quin Pat Estic 6b 15m
40 Kappaqui 6a 15m
41 Sobretension 6b 15m
42 Mono Ladeao 6b 15m
43 Mono Estirao 6c 15m
44 Mono de Costao 6a+ 15m
45 Mangala de Termins 6b 25m

Just right of the trees

46 Garrets 2 5c 15m
47 Garrets 1 6a 25m
48 Fardepatiperres 6a+ 25m
49 Ruta del Colacao 6a+ 25m
50 L'Aelae Pu Perranke 6b 15m
51 Dedos 6c 20m
52 Dedos directa 7b 20m

Move left at the top

53 Kinmejunje 6b+ 20m
54 Holofernes Casandra 6b 15m

Cliimb to the left hand side of the flake crack and finish direct

55 Gil Trivino 6a 15m

To the left of the large staples

56 Chapa Julay 6a+ 15m

To the right of the staples

57 L'Angelillo 6b 15m
58 Anaquia pels teus dit 6c 15m *

a dynamic bulge followed by steep climbing on crochets

59 Me piro vampiro 6c 15m

As for Anarquia but move right after the bulge

60 J. Piton 7a 15m
61 A Lourdes 7a+ 8m
62 A Lourdes right hand 7b+ 8m

Same lower off as A Lourdes

63 El Viejo Chaman 6c+ 12m
64 D.J. Insolente 6c+ 10m
65 Pique to que te Pique 6b 10m
66 La Barraguita 6b 10m
67 Tridente 6a 25m

A slightly longer route further to the right of La Barraguita

68 Palas 5c 25m
69 Pelo Polla 6a+ 25m
70 la Perica 5c 15m

The last route on this section of crag. Broken climbing