Seldom busy, Chuenisberg is a peaceful place, set in a beautiful wood of beech trees. Often the only sound to hear is the cursing of climbers who have not quite managed to redpoint their latest project. North facing, it is an ideal crag for hot summer days,  the downside being that it can be slow to dry after the winter and after prolonged rain. Although the majority of the routes are hard - and it has of some of the hardest routes in the Basler Jura - Chuenisberg nevertheless has a few excellent middle grade routes.

Switzerland - Basler Jura
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a - 9a
Climbing Area

In this area:

Title Description
Chuenisberg H-Man

A compact sector with two distinct buttresses. The left hand side has some hard slabs and steep pocketed walls. The right hand side has a mid grade classic - big holds up an overhanging wall, plus some easier slabs and harder routes up the overhanging wall.

Chuenisberg Premiere

Premiere is the far left hand side of Chuenisberg. Often neglected it has a few excellent routes. As with the rest of Chuenisberg it is in the shade, and so good for hot summer days, but equally slow to dry and cold in the winter.

Chuenisberg Ravage

The sector Ravage is steep and has a long history. It was once home to the hardest route in the world. Ravage is a route that has now been on sighted by Adam Ondra. The Bohemian born, Basel resident, Wenzel Vodicka worked with  the leading French climber Antoine Le Menestrel to make the first ascent back in 1985. Originally graded 8b+, it is now thought to be 8c, and still sees very few ascents. Vodicka later turned his attention to the wall to the right, but continually failed on one move, despite many attempts over many years.