Os de Balaguer

Os de Balaguer is a small gorge close to the village from which it gets its name. It has mostly technical climbing on sharp incut holds. The south side is enjoyable in winter, spring and autumn, the north side offers welcome shade from the sun on hot days.

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a to 8a
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

TOT UN PLAER. The left hand side of the crag, distinguishable by a large hole at the bottom left

0.01 Borni 6a+ 15m
0.02 L'Esquena del Vent 6a+ 15m
0.03 2 per 1 6b 15m
0.04 L'Espero de Ponent 5b 20m

The arete

0.06 Els Primers Passos 5c 20m
0.06 Tot un Plaer 6a+ 25m
0.07 Pastures de Voltor 6a 25m

Starts up Tot un Plaer and moves right to finish right of the upper crack

0.08 L'Atac de la Merla-Africans 6b+ 20m
0.09 Allucinogean Wall 6b+ 20m
0.10 Boven 6b 20m
0.11 Kruger 6b 20m

FLIGHT TO AFRICA. The buttress just left of the Kin-Tostao pinnacle

01 Una de Calc 6a+ 25m

Lefthand side of the buttress higher up from the pillar

02 Una d'Arena 6b 20m
03 Jocs de Nit 7a+ 30m
04 El Rovello de Tardor 6c 30m

same lower off as Jocs

05 La poca cosa 7a 30m
07 Dragolins cracs 6a+ 30m
08 La llosa repenjada 6c 32m
09 Aqua 8a 32m

On the left hand side of the wall behind the pillar

10 Flight to Africa 7c 32m
11 L'Espero del Nico 6b 25m ***

The crag has a very obvious clean pillar. This is the left hand route on the pillar. Tricky footwork

12 Kin-Tostao 6a 25m ***

The easiest route on the pillar. Pleasant

13 Kin-Matao 6b+ 25m

Takes the right hand side of the flake at 10m

14 L'equivocacio del Teixo 6c 25m ***

The right hand route on the pillar. Tricky move at mid height and footwork above to reach the jugs

15 No M'atabalia 6b+ 25m
16 El sostre vilars 7a 20m
17 El 7e Art 7b+ 25m
18 El ball de vent 6c 25m
19 Aida 6b+ 25m
20 Piercing 7b 30m

6c to the first lower off, 7b upper part

21 Fanatic 7a 30m

Wall right of the crack

22 Vasectomia al Dia 6c 30m
23 Masala 7b 30m
24 Spit machine 6c 25m
25 Cosa de Nenes 6c+ 30m
26 L'erico 6b+ 30m
27 Quarenté 6b 25m
28 Quarentena 6b+ 25m

The last route on this wall before the gully. Same start as Quaranté