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List of Crags

Country: Switzerland
Region Crag Overview Rock Type Altitude Number of routes Range of Routes Faces Name
Switzerland - Basler Jura Schauenburgfluh Schauenburgfluh is an important crag near to Basel, and one of the largest in the Basler Jura. With 40m high walls and nearly 100 routes, it has lots of long wall climbs to offer, mostly in the middle grades. Some of the routes have two pitches, although most can be done in a single run out with an 80m rope. The routes are generally solid, but especially at the top, there is still some loose rock around, and helmets are advised. Limestone 650m 40 5a - 7b South East Switzerland - Basler Jura
Switzerland - Basler Jura Pelzli Upper

The upper section of Pelzli consists of series of buttresses and boulders. The climbing is excellent with routes in all grades from 4c to 8a.

Limestone 600m 15 4c - 8a South Switzerland - Basler Jura
Switzerland - Bernese Oberland Engelhörner Simelistock and Vorderspitze

At the left hand side of the cirque of cliffs surrounding the Ochsel valley are three impressive peaks.

Limestone 2482m 12 South West Switzerland - Bernese Oberland
Switzerland - Bernese Oberland Engelhörner Kingspitze

It looks like a friendly Swiss crag, but Kingspitze is actually a major Alpine undertaking.

Limestone 2621m 1 South East Switzerland - Bernese Oberland
Switzerland - Central Fallenflue Gülden

Single pitch sport routes in a big wall setting. Excellent rock, hot when the sun is shining in winter, and too hot to climb if it is shining in the summer.

Limestone 1200m 30 South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Fallenflue Plumbum

Excellent climbing from the exposed ledge

Limestone 1200m 20 South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Fallenflue Förröm

Long pitches from the exposed ledge. Make sure your rope is long enough!

Limestone 1200m 15 South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Telli

One of Central Switzerland's better crags, Telli has a range of routes from 5c slabs through to steep 8b walls. The rock is generally good, and on the easier routes at least has good holds.

Limestone 450m 50 5c - 8b South West Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Fallenflue Silber

Short warm up routes away from the main crag

Limestone 1200m 15 South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Hannibal Turm

Hannibal Turm offers friendly, multi pitch climbing, set amongst the beauiful rock scenery surrounding Furkapass, with the added attraction of reaching the summit of a large detached monolith.

Granite 2882m 4 6a - 6c South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Cheselenfluh

Cheselenflue is the big impressive cliff that can be seen from the Stockalp to Melchsee Frutt road, or ski piste in winter.

Limestone 1700m 10 5c - 7a South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Galengrat

A big wall of near perfect granite, Galengrat offers "plaisir pur" rock climbing to within an hour of the summit of Galenstock.

Granite 3250m 2 6a - 6c South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Diamantstock

 Diamantstock is a granite mountain accessible from the very pleasant Bächlitalhütte. The Grosser Diamantstock is an excellent full day tour that is often underestimated.

Granite 3162m 2 4c - 5a South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Central Melchsee Frutt

For beauty alone Melchsee is worth a visit. A small ski village resting peacefully alongside a couple of lakes, amid stunning mountain scenery, it has everything for the outdoor enthusiast.

Limestone 2400m 120 South Switzerland - Central
Switzerland - Churfirsten Churfirsten - Tristencholben

Tristencholben is the rounded pinnacle east of Rosenboden that is clearly visible when you walk round the "Blumenweg" from the Chäsenrugg cable car. At first sight it is a daunting place to climb.

Limestone 216m 5 5c - 7b South Switzerland - Churfirsten
Switzerland - Grimsel Pass Grimsel - Mittagfluh

An excellent 350m slab of granite , offering some fine routes. The routes are bolted, with good anchors on all the belays, however a few friends and wires are necessary on most routes.

Granite 1800m 5 5a - 7a South West Switzerland - Grimsel Pass
Switzerland - Grimsel Pass Grimsel - Bügeleisen

Bugeleisen lies opposite the power station on Grimsel pass, an isolated buttress with excellent slab climbing.

Granite 1650m 3 5c - 6c East Switzerland - Grimsel Pass
Switzerland - Jura Bränten

A one route crag, Kingway finds a solid way up an otherwise chossy crag. Gets the sun in the afternoon. 

Limestone 600m 1 North West Switzerland - Jura
Switzerland - Jura Bettlerküche

Situated on the top of the hills above the Aare valley, Bettlerküche is in a perfect position to enjoy the views of the Swiss plain.

Limestone 1100m 50 6a - 8a South Switzerland - Jura
Switzerland - Jura Balsthal Osterloch and Überhang

A couple of small overhanging buttresses with a few short but interesting routes. Osterloch faces west. The Überhang stays dry in the rain, and gets the sun until 1pm. 

Limestone 500m 5 7a - 8a All Switzerland - Jura
Switzerland - Jura Vaferdeau

An impressive crag set in a pretty location.

Limestone 650m 100 4c - 8a South Switzerland - Jura
Switzerland - Jura Schattenberg

Excellent routes up to 40m in length. Mostly good rock, and positive holds. The crag is protected from the sun by the trees in summer, but in contrast some parts get the sun in the winter.

Limestone 1200m 200 South Switzerland - Jura
Switzerland - Rätikon Rätikon - Sulzfluh

The Sulzfluh is situated at the east end of Rätikon, the chain of mountains above Schiers and St. Antonien that forms the border between Switzerland and Austria.

Limestone 2500m 30 6a - 8? South Switzerland - Rätikon
Switzerland - Rätikon Rätikon - Seeflueli

A small (by Rätikon standards), easily accessible cliff above Partnunsee. Seeflueli offers a couple of short, reasonably well bolted routes which nevertheless retain an alpine character. 

Limestone 2000m 3 6b - 7a+ West Switzerland - Rätikon