Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
1 Odile Kalymnos Noufaro Nirvana Alternate leads 7a Gold

La 1ere moitié en tête la 2ème en top rope

2 Georgemeysner Aiglun - Paroi du Giet Les chevreuils de Calendal Alternate leads 6a+ Gold Edit
3 mike421 Engelhörner Simelistock and Vorderspitze Silberfinger Alternate leads 6c Gold

with Bruce

4 mike421 Grimsel - Bügeleisen Bügeleisen Alternate leads 6b E2 ***

"Nails" is a good description from UKC!

5 mike421 Engelhörner Kingspitze Nordostwand Alternate leads 6a Gold Edit
6 mike421 Tafraoute North - Lower Eagle Infinity Alternate leads 6b+ E4 5c **

A scrappy first 15m that gives the route its grade, is followed by a superb crack and a pleasant second pitch.

7 mike421 Tafraoute North - Icebox Canyon Polar bear Alternate leads 6a E1 5b *** Edit
8 mike421 Grimsel - Mittagfluh Durststrecke Alternate leads *** Edit
9 mike421 Tafraoute North - Icebox Canyon Ice breaker Alternate leads 6b E3 5c Gold Edit
10 mike421 Rätikon - Sulzfluh Rialto Alternate leads 6b E2 5c *** Edit
11 mike421 Churfirsten - Tristencholben Stiärägrind Alternate leads 6a E2 5b *** Edit
12 mike421 Hannibal Turm Elefantenrüssel Alternate leads 6b E1/E2 *** Edit
13 mike421 Hannibal Turm Conquest of Paradise Alternate leads 6b HVS/E1 Gold Edit
14 mike421 Tafraoute North - The Narrow Slit The Amphibian Alternate leads 6c E4 6a *** Edit
15 mike421 Baunei - Cala Goloritze Solo Incantatore Alternate leads 6c Gold

First did it in 2005, then again 2015

16 mike421 Cheselenfluh Technoparty Alternate leads 6c+ ***

had a rest on the last pitch

17 mike421 Tafraoute North - The Narrow Slit Pythagosauras Alternate leads 5c HVS 5a *** Edit
18 mike421 Galengrat Galengrat Verschneidung Alternate leads 5c E1 5a/5b Gold

Superb, except that you have to carry a massive rucksack with boots and crampons in it

19 mike421 Pena Roja Soca una igualita Flash 6b *

Not that easy!

20 Odile Santa Linya - Futbolin Punt de Trobada Flash 6a+ ** Edit
21 mike421 Telendos Eros Nymph Flash 7a *** Edit
22 mike421 Grotte des Nains Tip Flash 6c+ ***

Excellent tufa climbing. Put the clips in on abseil from Simple

23 mike421 Rodellar - El camino Para mis amigos Flash 6a+ ** Edit
24 Odile Kalymnos Summertime Andro Drom Flash 6c ** Edit
25 mike421 Rodellar - El camino Sonnisa vertical Flash 6b ** Edit
26 Olivier Redelsflue Olio extra vaginale Flash 6b+ ** Edit
27 mike421 Simplon Dorf Farfallina Flash 6b ** Edit
28 Odile Kalymnos Sikati Cave Les Pirates de Sikati Flash 7a+ ** Edit
29 mike421 Claret Tac tac Flash 6b ** Edit
30 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta Lysistrati Flash 7a+ ***

Excellent, had an extension on the bolt over the lip

31 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Reve d'hiver (Angie) Flash 6b ** Edit
32 Odile Santa Linya - Futbolin Red Dusk Flash 6b+ *** Edit
33 mike421 Pego Quimera Flash 6c+ ***

one out of character hard move

34 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Satisfaction Flash 6b ***

A hard move

35 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta skyline Highlight Flash 7b **

Had the quickdraws in, quite technical.

36 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Sonne im Herzen Flash 6b+ ** Edit
37 mike421 Schauenburgfluh Efeuriss Flash 5c **

To 2nd lower off

38 Odile Telendos Pescatore Leane Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
39 mike421 Fallenflue Silber Die schöni das Biest Led onsight 6a+ * Edit
40 mike421 Kalymnos Gerakios Right Prosciutto + Champagne Led onsight 6a *** Edit
41 mike421 Kalymnos Odyssey The Pulpit Led onsight Edit
42 mike421 Ager - Barranc de Grillons Le grimpeur grandpère Led onsight 6a * Edit
43 Odile Grotte des Nains Bon baisers de Porrentruy Led onsight Edit
44 mike421 Peillon - Baus Roux M comme puce Led onsight 6b+ *** Edit
45 mike421 Flüh Himmelsdach Led onsight Edit
46 Odile Kalymnos Iliada Penelope Led onsight 6b *** Edit
47 mike421 Kalymnos Poets Licimnio Led onsight 6c **

My first route on Kalymnos

48 mike421 Chuenisberg H-Man Les bacs Led onsight 6b ** Edit
49 Odile Kalymnos Poets Patrick and Bambou Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
50 mike421 Leonidio Berlin Wall Easyjet raver Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit