Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
51 mike421 Simplon Dorf Villariba Led onsight 6b ***

pumpy, good for a warm up

52 mike421 Simplon Dorf Paris-Verzi Led onsight 6c ** Edit
53 mike421 Simplon Dorf Hip hop on theTop Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a ***

One rest/fall trying to reach the two finger pocket

54 mike421 Simplon Dorf Hippiehasser Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a **

One rest by the crux move, not obvious, found a small crimp for the left hand, then a lurch for the ledge

55 mike421 Chuenisberg Ravage Faillite politique Climbed it, but didn't do all the moves 7b *

Couldn't do the boulder problem move, and the top was wet

56 mike421 Chuenisberg Ravage Political Bassa Bassa Climbed it, but didn't do all the moves 7b **

Couldn't do the move past the mono, but managed the rest

57 mike421 Chuenisberg Ravage Kampf der Giganten Climbed it all, with rests/falls 6b **

Flashed it to the last move before falling off. Soaking wet.

58 mike421 Chastelfluh Kreuzung der Wasserköpfe Led onsight 6b **

Nice with one tricky move in the middle

59 mike421 Chastelfluh Cortége der Verlierer Redpoint 6c *

Sort of redpointed it. Got to the crux, fell off, clipped the next bolt and climbed it from the no hands rest

60 mike421 Grotte des Nains Preparation H Redpoint 7a **

1st try today after working it last week

61 mike421 Grotte des Nains Tip Flash 6c+ ***

Excellent tufa climbing. Put the clips in on abseil from Simple

62 mike421 Grotte des Nains Simple Redpoint 6b+ **

One mistake near the top

63 mike421 Grotte des Nains Preparation H Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a **

Worked this again to try to get some fitness back

64 mike421 Grotte des Nains Sanduhr Redpoint 6b **

1st route after confinement :-)

65 acarion Redelsflue Fuck au vin Led onsight 6c+ * Nice start but upper part is a bit runout on easy ground Edit
66 acarion Redelsflue Sperm spumante Redpoint 7a *** Better quality and harder than the route to the right. Edit
67 acarion Redelsflue Alles wird gut Led onsight 6a+ * This felt hard and a bit exposed. Edit
68 acarion Redelsflue Deeper with the dildo darling Led onsight 6a 0 An okay warm up. Tricky first moves because holds are hard to see Edit
69 mike421 Orgon Seance nocturne Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
70 mike421 Orgon Carrefour aux oies Led onsight 6a * Edit
71 mike421 Orgon Avertissement de conduite Top rope/second 6c ** Edit
72 mike421 Orgon La porte tragique Led onsight 5b * Edit
73 mike421 Orgon Chic Planete Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
74 mike421 Kalymnos Arhi Orione Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
75 mike421 Kalymnos Noufaro Mambo Led onsight 6b+ ***

A lovely climb but very greasy

76 mike421 Kalymnos Noufaro Rock n Roll Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a **

One fall/rest. Felt hard for the grade

77 mike421 Kalymnos Noufaro Surumoni Redpoint 6c+ ***

Lowered off the 2nd bolt due to the slippy holds, then restarted and finished it

78 mike421 Kalymnos Noufaro Aroma Led onsight 6a **


79 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Paddy Led onsight 6b **

Very nice

80 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Sam Spade Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7c **

Got to the last bolt on my 4th attempt today.


Beta: Pre clipped 1st 2 bolts. The crux is getting the grey sloping holds in the corner after the 4th bolt. Clip the 4th bolt with left hand on a layaway and right foot bridged up to the right. Take a good undercut with the right hand and make a long stretch for the grey sloper. Toe hook with the right foot, move the right hand to the slopers, then move the left to a small undercut tufa. This helps stop the swing when you release the right foot. I then snatch up and left for a better grey hold, clip and dyno for big jugs. Try to recover here for the next moves, almost no hands rest high up and left. Then clip and right hand up for an intermediate hold, right hand again for a big hold. The last move past the pocket is right hand at RHS, left hand to undercut, right hand to LHS , foot up and stretch with left for a finger lock for left hand. Hang this and use the pinch just above it to snatch for a large layaway and clip the lower off.

81 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Statler + Waldorf Led onsight 6a **

Short but nice

82 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia Perfect stranger Redpoint 7a ***

Fell off first time

83 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia Batsi makria mas Led onsight 6a **

Pleasant except a goat on sighted it after us!

84 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia Season of the witch Led onsight 6c **

Felt hard through the bulge.

85 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia M40 Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7b ***

excellent route, sustained. 2 attempts, 1 fall + 2 rests 2nd time

86 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia The end of Mythos Led onsight 6c *** Edit
87 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia Kalo taxidi yiayia mou Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
88 mike421 Kalymnos Balcony Helvetia Ikariotissa Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
89 mike421 Kalymnos Poets Styx Led onsight 6a+ **

On sight but I might have done it before

90 mike421 Kalymnos Iannis Eclat de soleil Redpoint 7a+ ***

At last red pointed this route

91 mike421 Kalymnos Iannis Sevasti Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7b *

The hard final move was ok, but the rest was a horror, slippy, shiny holds on a sweaty day 

92 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Amelia Led onsight 6c *** Edit
93 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Sam Spade Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7c ** Edit
94 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Greek Freak Led onsight 6b *** Edit
95 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Billie Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
96 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta skyline I've been wild Led onsight 6c ** Edit
97 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta skyline Highlight Flash 7b **

Had the quickdraws in, quite technical.

98 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta skyline Fateve na canna Led onsight 6c+ **

Nice tufa, short lived

99 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta skyline Crystal Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
100 mike421 Kalymnos Heroes Tantalus Led onsight 6b ** Edit