Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
1201 mike421 Hofstettenchöpfli - Right Isis Led onsight 6a Gold Edit
1202 mike421 Gempen Sandührliwand Sandührliweg Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
1203 mike421 Gempen Sandührliwand Fidimangenggis Redpoint 6c ** Edit
1204 mike421 Gempen Sandührliwand Pas mal Led onsight 6b+ * Edit
1205 mike421 Gempen Sandührliwand Bärgweg Led onsight 5b ** Edit
1206 mike421 Gempen Sandührliwand Vox Media Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
1207 mike421 Flüh Gelbe Kante Led onsight Edit
1208 mike421 Flüh Himmelsdach Led onsight Edit
1209 mike421 Flüh Exodus Led onsight Edit
1210 mike421 Flüh Linke Himmelsleiter Led onsight Edit
1211 mike421 Flüh Gelbe Kante Links Led onsight Edit
1212 mike421 Flüh Alte Direkte Led onsight Edit
1213 mike421 Flüh Sargdeggel Led onsight Edit
1214 Luke Flüh Efeupfeiler Led onsight Edit
1215 mike421 Flüh Satz des Pythagoras Led onsight Edit
1216 mike421 Flüh Dromedar Led onsight Edit
1217 mike421 Grotte des Nains Bon baisers de Porrentruy Led onsight Edit
1218 mike421 Flüh Gudrun Led onsight Edit
1219 mike421 Flüh Für Rinder und Kinder Led onsight Edit
1220 mike421 Flüh Aelplerweg Led onsight Edit
1221 mike421 Rappenfels Schwellkorper Redpoint Edit
1222 mike421 Flüh The sum of all fears Led onsight Edit
1223 mike421 Falkenfluh - Lange Wand Der zerbrochene Traum Redpoint 6c *** Edit
1224 mike421 Hofstettenchöpfli - Right Hell Enisitc Redpoint 6c+ ** Edit
1225 mike421 Rappenfels Putzfrau Redpoint Edit
1226 mike421 Hofstettenchöpfli - Right Betonierte Led onsight 5b ** Edit
1227 mike421 Hofstettenchöpfli - Right Gen himmel zu Led onsight 6b ** Edit
1228 mike421 Gempen Gempenpfeiler Cannabis Led onsight 6c ** Edit
1229 julia Rappenfels Schwellkorper Redpoint Edit
1230 mike421 Hofstettenchöpfli - Right Unknown Led onsight 5b * Edit
1231 mike421 Gempen Gempenpfeiler Rock games Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
1232 mike421 Flüh Rechte Himmelsleiter Led onsight Edit
1233 mike421 Flüh Chaot Led onsight Edit
1234 julia Flüh Biwakriss Led onsight Edit
1235 julia Flüh Efeupfeiler Led onsight Edit
1236 mike421 Flüh Efeupfeiler Led onsight Edit
1237 mike421 Gempen Gempenpfeiler In memory of Andi Led onsight 6b ** Edit
1238 mike421 Pelzli Upper Jo-Jo Led onsight 6a * Edit
1239 mike421 Pelzli Lower Route mit Namen Led onsight 6a+ * Edit
1240 mike421 Pelzli Lower Normalweg Westwand Led onsight 4a ** Edit
1241 mike421 Pelzli Lower Mummery Riss Led onsight 5b * Edit
1242 mike421 Pelzli Lower Ratanplan Climbed it all, with rests/falls 6a+ *

Was given 5c+, desperate at this grade

1243 mike421 Pelzli Lower Brandtneu Led onsight 4b * Edit
1244 mike421 Pelzli Lower Remus Led onsight 5a * Edit