Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
1 mike421 Kalymnos Iliada Another day in paradise Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
2 mike421 Telendos Irox The White Rose Led onsight 6a *** Edit
3 mike421 Telendos Eros 3 Ilots Led onsight 6b+ *** Edit
4 mike421 Kalymnos North Cape Scanner Led onsight 6a ** Edit
5 mike421 Santa Ana left bank Mejor que bien Top rope/second 6a+ Gold Edit
6 mike421 Pelzli Lower Ratanplan Climbed it all, with rests/falls 6a+ *

Was given 5c+, desperate at this grade

7 mike421 Tafraoute North - The White Dome Leaving Las Vegas Top rope/second 6a+ E1 5b *** Edit
8 mike421 Leonidio Twin caves Agrimi Led onsight 6b ** Edit
9 Odile Kalymnos Poets Alcman Redpoint 6c+ *** Edit
10 mike421 Telendos Lambda El Alamein Led onsight 6b+ Gold Edit
11 mike421 Kalymnos Kastri Tower staircase Led onsight 5a * Edit
12 mike421 Schlüchttal Falkenstein Einbahnstrasse Led onsight Edit
13 mike421 Baume les Dames - Sous Buen et c'est reparti Redpoint 6a **

hard start

14 Olivier Grotte des Nains Simple Redpoint Edit
15 Odile Kalymnos Gerakios Left Ergo Climbed it all, with rests/falls Edit
16 mike421 Leonidio Hada Scolatina Climbed it all, with rests/falls Edit
17 mike421 Kalymnos Symplegades Broom Led onsight 6a ** Edit
18 Odile Kalymnos Atlantis Tip Top Climbed it, but didn't do all the moves 7b ** Edit
19 Odile Kalymnos Sea Breeze Paladin Led onsight 5b ** Edit
20 Odile Kalymnos Gerakios Left Tatoo Led onsight 6b * Edit
21 mike421 Rodellar - Bisagra Recuerdos de mi abuelo Led onsight 6b+ *** Edit
22 mike421 Vaferdeau Yoga Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
23 mike421 Rodellar - Las Ventanas and El Delfin A toro pasau Redpoint 7a+ ***

4th attempt. Pumpy

24 mike421 Kalymnos Summertime Anne Led onsight 6b ** Edit
25 mike421 Tannenfluh main crag Big Boss Led onsight 6a *** Edit
26 mike421 Kalymnos Summertime Friends Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
27 julia Telendos Pescatore Hot roc Top rope/second 5c Edit
28 mike421 Kalymnos Ghost Kitchen Dafni Led onsight 6c+ Gold

Unique and not easy.

29 mike421 Fallenflue Silber Zink Led onsight Edit
30 mike421 Leonidio Cave of Panagia 5S Led onsight 6b *** Edit
31 mike421 Rappenfels Pur Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
32 mike421 Ager - Barranc de Grillons Un pou d'Hipocresia Climbed it all, with rests/falls Edit
33 julia Schlüchttal Schwedenfels Sachsenweg Climbed it all, with rests/falls Edit
34 mike421 Kalymnos Atlantis Kalymiti j'aime Led onsight 6a *** Edit
35 mike421 Kalymnos Summertime Get up Led onsight 6a+ **


36 Odile Telendos Pescatore Leane Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
37 mike421 Kalymnos Gerakios Right Prosciutto + Champagne Led onsight 6a *** Edit
38 mike421 Ager - Barranc de Grillons Le grimpeur grandpère Led onsight 6a * Edit
39 mike421 Peillon - Baus Roux M comme puce Led onsight 6b+ *** Edit
40 Odile Kalymnos Iliada Penelope Led onsight 6b *** Edit
41 mike421 Redelsflue Wilhelm Tell Gedächtnisweg Led onsight 6b+ * Edit
42 Odile Kalymnos Poets Licimnio Led onsight 6c *** Edit
43 mike421 Kalymnos Iannis Kalotina Led onsight 6a * Edit
44 mike421 Chuenisberg H-Man Nellie the Elephant Led onsight 6b+ *** Edit
45 Olivier Grotte des Nains Tip Led onsight Edit
46 mike421 Leonidio Berlin Wall I love kotti Redpoint 7a+ ** Edit
47 mike421 Rappenfels Geröllhalde des Mistrauens Redpoint 7a+ **

redpointed this at last!

48 mike421 Kalymnos Secret Garden Melodrama Climbed it all, with rests/falls

fell and took one rest

49 mike421 Rappenfels Geröllhalde des Mistrauens Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a ** Edit
50 Odile Kalymnos Poets Extra tes restes Led onsight 6c+ *** Edit