Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
1001 julia Kalymnos Beach Karpouzi Top rope/second 5c Edit
1002 mike421 Kalymnos Beach Karpouzi Led onsight 5c *** Edit
1003 mike421 Telendos Irox Kyprios Angel Climbed it all, with rests/falls

took a rest

1004 mike421 Kalymnos Ghost Kitchen 7 à c Led onsight 6c+ ** Edit
1005 mike421 Kalymnos Summertime Maccabi Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
1006 mike421 Kalymnos Beach One Year Led onsight Edit
1007 Odile Rappenfels no name Redpoint Edit
1008 mike421 Kalymnos Summertime Friends Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
1009 mike421 Kalymnos Beach Tomboy Led onsight Edit
1010 Olivier Rappenfels NTM Redpoint Edit
1011 Olivier Rappenfels Pilier Redpoint Edit
1012 mike421 Rappenfels Pilier Redpoint Edit
1013 Odile Grotte des Nains Stonehenge Led onsight Edit
1014 Odile Grotte des Nains Bon baisers de Porrentruy Led onsight Edit
1015 Olivier Grotte des Nains Stonehenge Led onsight Edit
1016 Olivier Grotte des Nains Bon baisers de Porrentruy Led onsight Edit
1017 Olivier Rappenfels Putzfrau Redpoint Edit
1018 Odile Rappenfels Bicolour, multicolour Redpoint Edit
1019 mike421 Teufelstisch Teufelsdach Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
1020 Odile Rappenfels Noel et Cyprion Led onsight Edit
1021 mike421 Rappenfels Noel et Cyprion Redpoint 7a *** Edit
1022 Odile Rappenfels Putzfrau Redpoint Edit
1023 mike421 Tüfleten Left Unknown Redpoint 7a *** Edit
1024 natalia Bränten Kingway Led onsight Edit
1025 mike421 Bränten Kingway Led onsight 6b *** Edit
1026 Holger Bränten Kingway Led onsight Edit
1027 mike421 Hannibal Turm Conquest of Paradise Alternate leads 6b HVS/E1 Gold Edit
1028 mike421 Get Wet Canyon Sceletor Redpoint 6c ** Edit
1029 mike421 Get Wet Canyon Guernica Top rope/second 6c+ ** Edit
1030 mike421 Vaferdeau La dérisoire effervescence Led onsight 6b ** Edit
1031 mike421 Vaferdeau Le vent de l'emportera Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
1032 Odile Grotte des Nains Sylphide Led onsight Edit
1033 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta Red Sea secrets Led onsight 7a *** Edit
1034 mike421 Kalymnos Arhi Thetis Led onsight 6b *** Edit
1035 mike421 Kalymnos Arhi Minotauro Led onsight 5c *** Edit
1036 mike421 Kalymnos Arhi Arianna Led onsight 5b ** Edit
1037 mike421 Kalymnos Arhi Kastor Led onsight 7a *** Edit
1038 mike421 Kalymnos Poets Mad Dad Led onsight 6c+ *** Edit
1039 mike421 Kalymnos Panorama Steinpilz Led onsight 7a *** Edit
1040 mike421 Kalymnos Poets Poets' corner Led onsight 5c ** Edit
1041 mike421 Telendos Pescatore Teuischiapan Redpoint 7a *** Edit
1042 mike421 Kalymnos Grande Grotta Happy girlfriend Led onsight 5c ** Edit
1043 mike421 Telendos Pescatore Agelica babis bar Led onsight 6b+ *** Edit
1044 mike421 Telendos Irox Helvetix Led onsight 6c+ *** Edit
1045 mike421 Kalymnos Kastri Tower staircase Led onsight 5a * Edit
1046 julia Telendos Pescatore Rita Top rope/second 5c Edit
1047 mike421 Telendos Irox The White Rose Led onsight 6a *** Edit
1048 mike421 Telendos Pescatore Hot roc Led onsight 5b ** Edit
1049 mike421 Kalymnos Kastri Majestic Led onsight 7a+ Gold Edit
1050 mike421 Telendos Pescatore Rita Led onsight 5c *** Edit