About climbapedia

Welcome to Climbapedia, a diary of the climbing that has given me enormous pleasure over the years, and a site for climbers to find and share information about climbing.

Climbapedia started as a personal project, but is now also a community resource. It's goal is to record what I and others have climbed, and also for anybody to easily find information on crags that they have not yet visited, or routes they have not yet climbed.

Climbapedia is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. How many times have we spent searching in shops for a paper guidebook that we could not find, or wanting to know the difficulty of a route when the guide was not available? However, it's intention is not to replace those guides, but supplement them. To provide sufficent information to get the climber to the crag, and get started. The goal of Climbapedia is not commercial, but collaborative.

Most of the information in Climbapedia stems from my personal experiences. However, it is a framework that makes it easy for any registered user to add or update information about crags, mountains and climbs, illustrated with topos and photos in true Wikipedia fashion. If you would like to add information, then register yourself, and send an e mail to  climbapedia@gmail.com to confirm your registration. In common with all web sites, climbapedia receives many spam requests, and it is not always easy to tell the genuine from the fake.

Note that because anyone can edit information, Climbapedia can and will contain undetected errors or omissions. Use it as a source of information, but remember you always climb at your own risk, and make your own judgements about what is safe and justifiable.  

If you find something on the site that is out of date, or just plain wrong, send me an e mail, or better log in and fix it!

Any help or suggestions warmly welcomed. climbapedia@gmail.com