Arete des Spitzkopf

The arete des Spitzopf is a long, enjoyable and exposed ridge on excellent granite in the heart of the Vosges. The views are magnificent. Although never very difficult, most people will be glad of a rope. However, only a minimum of gear is necessary, making this, in good weather, an excellent lightweight scramble. Take a rope betweeen 30m and 50m , a few long slings, and a couple of large nuts or friends, there are no bolts. It is also a worthwhile winter climb, when conditions allow.

France - Vosges
III - long steep sections. Use of technical equipment necessary
The ridge is over a kilometre long with about 400m of climbing. Much of the climbing can be avoided on the right hand (north) side of the arete.
Time required
1 hour to descend, allow 2 to 3 hours for the ridge.

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