Climbapedia is now on line!

Welcome to Climbapedia, the online climbing resource that you can use to find information on crags, mountains and routes around the world. 

Climbapedia started out of a frustration. The frustration of finding and buying climbing guidebooks. Every weekend we go climbing, and it is most inspiring when we go somewhere different. To get the most out of these travels, you need a deccent guide. Not just a description of the routes, but how to get there, and a topo showing you the routes. The problem is, that we often decide to go somewhere last minute, often the day before, or even on the day. Then there is a mad panic to find a guidebook, the expense, where to buy it, and even if you succeed in this, it gets lost a few weekends later. Climbapedia solves that. Provided we respect the copyright of others, anyone can put the information online, the only tricky part is drawing the topos. However a digital camera, and basic skills in powerpoint soon solve that.

Join the community and help to make information on climbing available to everyone!