Fallenflue Plumbum

Excellent climbing from the exposed ledge

Switzerland - Central
Rock Type
Number of routes
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
21 Grundelup 6a
22 Chugelblitz 6b
23 Rägeboge 6a
24 Climber's breakfast 6b+
25 Get Lucky 8a+

At the LHS of the Schneemaa sector

26 Süass wie Mango 7c
27 Schneemaa 6b+

Start up the crack, or just to the right, and leave it to climb through the steep flakes and finish up the slab. Excellent.

28 Winterziit 6a+

Between the corner and Schneemaa

29 Winterriss 5c
30 Flokä 6a
31 Ring-ring 7a
32 A great smile 6a+
33 Schwermetall 8b
34 Pfilerriss 7b+
35 Gitanmetallcombi 8b
36 Gitan 7c
37 Chrüz und quer 7a+

Breaks left out of Gitan at half height and takes a circular route to finish at the same lower off

38 Hinne Use 6b+

same lower off as Gitan