Hot weather climbing part 1

The summer is over, time to get into the gym, get strong for next year and dream of the routes you can do in the height of the summer. In the Basler Jura, summers can be hot, too hot sometimes. Two crags in the Basler Jura offer cool climbing on the hottest of days, and also a bit history. In 1985 Chuenisberg boasted the hardest route in the world. At 8c Ravage is a route that still sees very few ascents even today, allegedly one arm pull ups on finger holds are required, as well as excellent stamina and technique. You can read the full history here. Get Wet Canyon is another venue that is perfect for a hot summer., and has recently seen some new route activity. On a hot day the temperature at the bottom of the gorge can be up to 20 degrees cooler than at the top! Check out the routes here.