Kalymnos Heroes

A nice crag high up above Emporios Bay with wonderful views and some excellent short routes

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a - 7c
South West
The left had side gets the sun after 13.00, the right hand side a bit later
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Cadmus 6a 20m
02 Tantalus 6b 20m

A steep wall with a move left at half height

03 Sisyphus 6c+ 20m
04 Heracles 20m


05 Phaethon 6c+ 20m
06 Bellerophon 6a+ 15m

A short fingery wall

07 1821 6a 20m
08 1940 6a+ 20m
09 Billie 6a+ 20m

The shallow corner has a suspect block at mid height

10 Mallory 6c+ 20m

A technical wall

11 Irvine 20m
12 Prometheus 7c+ 20m
13 Marlowe 20m


14 Phidas 7b+ 25m

The wall left of Amelia struggles for independence. Climb into the pod and make hard moves up and right.

15 Amelia 6c 20m

A nice steep climb into and out of the large cave. Continuing to the more logical 2nd lower off is 7a

16 Achilles heel 20m


17 Captain Heelhook 7a 20m

Climb up the left side of the tufa to big holds that take you over the lip. Heelhooks optional.

18 Florence 20m


19 Agnodice 6c+ 20m
20 Petropolemos 20m


21 Sam Spade 7c 15m

Steep bouldery climbing with good holds

.Sam Spade

22 Paddy 6b 20m

The first of four steep juggy climbs

23 Dr, King 6b+ 20m
24 Greek Freak 6b 15m
25 Statler + Waldorf 6a+ 15m

Pleasant, short, steep climbing

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