Kalymnos Milianos Cave

Milianos cave is the prominent small cave visible from the large bend in the road as you descend from Arginonta Pass to Vathy. The climbing is on the walls left of the cave. it is a pleasant crag in a beautiful location with slab and wall climbs on pocketed rock. It gets the shade in the afternoon.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5a - 7b
The crag is in the shade in the afternoon
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
B01 One off 4a 12m

50 metres left of the main part of this sector

B02 Pant flashyitis 4a 12m

same lower off as "One off"

B03 Whisp 5a 20m

The first route on the main part of Milianos cave

B04 That man and me 6a+ 15m
B05 752 5b 15m
B06 Pink mist 5b 15m
B07 Teza 6c+ 20m

Fingery climbing

B08 Hornets-a-go-go 7a+ 20m
B09 Niko 7a+ 20m
B10 Battle cry 7b 20m
B11 Mantis 7a+ 20m
B12 Korean bodega 6c 30m
B13 Welcome to Poppy's 6c+ 30m
B14 Out of the black 7a+ 40m
B15 Shoot at will 6c+ 20m
B16 TPS 7a+ 20m
B17 Stubbins 6b 25m
B18 Poynesia 6b 25m
B19 Birty bee 6c 25m
B20 Cheapside 6b 25m
B21 Duck shoot 6a+ 30m
B22 The shooting gallery 6b+ 30m
B23 Always 6b 25m
B25 Shotgun 7c 25m

low in the grade

B26 Hunter killer 7b 25m
B27 Snapshot 6b+ 20m
B28 Tufa shot 7a 25m
B29 Sharpshooter 6b+ 25m
B30 Run rabbit run 6a+ 20m
B31 Calypso 6a+ 20m
B31e Calypso extension 6c 30m
B33 Cocoa nuts 6a 20m
B34 Purple haze 6a 20m
B35 Five tena lady 6b+ 20m
B36 In stealth she is 6b+ 20m
B37 Bertie baiting 6b+ 20m
B38 The mercy seat 6c 20m
B39 The Mersey beat 7a+ 20m
B40 The Liver birds 7a 20m
B41 Bang bang 6c+ 20m
B42 BA bonus 6c 20m
B43 Dapper Dan 5c+ 20m
B44 Conquistadors of the useless 5b 20m
B45 Ta GG 5b 20m
B46 Stiff V 5c+ 20m
B47 Anything 6a 12m
B48 Depends on me 5c 15m
B49 Always everyday 5c 15m

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