Kalymnos Odyssey

Routes for everyone here.From 4b to 9a. Gets the sun after about 2pm on the left hand side, later on the right hand side and in the caves. Getting very pollished.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
4b - 9a
South West
Stays in the shade until about 4pm
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Bonnie 5c 17m *

The most left hand route

02 Clyde 6b 20m *

Same start as Bonnie but move right

03 Mythos 6b+ 35m ***

An excellent long steep and technical broccolli climb

04 Early Bird 7b+ 30m
05 Hyma sto kyma 7c+ 25m
06 Abrugliopoulos 7c+ 25m
07 Kulturistika 7b 18m ***

A steep tufa. A hard move to get established onto it

08 Ya Agori Mu 7a+ 18m **

Start just to the left of Elies and climb direct. Sustained and hardest in the middle

09 Elies 7a 18m **

Pumpy tufa

10 Feta 6c 18m ***

A tricky wall to reach the large tufa, then, well, tufa climbing

11 Moon bridge 7c+ 18m **
12 Island in the sun 7a+ 20m ***
13 Island in the sun ext 7b 25m *
14 Lucky strike 7b 20m ***
15 Las Gallinas que entran por las ... 8a 20m **
16 Morfeas 6b+ 12m **

The short tufa

17 Morfeas Plus 7b+ 30m

The extension to Morfeas, as if that wasnt hard enough!

18 Los Kukos 8c 15m
19 Pindaro 7c+ 30m
20 Island Highway 6c+ 22m **

A tricky start to get established on the slab, the a pumpy finish on large rounded holds

21 Island Highway extension 6c 35m

Watch out for rope drag

22 Il gignte e la bambina 6c+ 20m
23 Satyros 6c+ 20m
24 Bubu pensaci tu 7b+ 25m
25 Triton 7b+ 28m
26 Andromeda 7c+ 20m
27 Orion 7c+ 20m
28 Tagmana 8c+ 20m
29 Meltemi 7b 20m
30 Scylla 7c 30m
31 Paris, Texas 7c 30m
32 Patrocolos Reborn 7b 30m
33 Daphne 7b 25m
34 Tupac Amaru 25m


35 Gora Guta Gutarak 8c+ 30m
36 Los Revolucionarios 9a 30m
37 Lucky Luca 7a+ 15m
38 Lucky Luca extension 8c 30m
39 Marci Marc 7c+ 30m
40 Nadir 8b+ 30m
41 Amphora 7b 20m
42 Sirene 7c 35m
43 Inti Rymi 7b+ 35m
44 Sardonique 8a 35m
45 Inti Watana 8b 35m
46 Boom Boom 7c+ 30m
47 Fortouna 7b+ 30m
48 Odisseo 6a+ 20m **
49 Mon amour 6a+ 28m **

A hard start (6c?) followed by pleasant arete climbing. On the left or the right? For you to decide.

50 Nausica Nausica 6a+ 28m **

A delicate slab route. Feels a lot harder than it is

51 Fouska 7a 12m **

start from the back of the cave with difficulty and continue to a hard move to the chain

52 Gaia 8b 20m ***
53 Polifemo 7c ***
54 Alfredo Alfredo 7b+ 20m ***
55 Why not 6b+ 15m **

Climb on the left of the clips

56 The Beast 7b 25m
57 Imia 6c+ 25m
58 Eumeo 4b 15m
59 Midas 4a 15m
60 Midas extension 7a+ 25m
61 Argo 4c 15m **

An easy slab

62 Argo Navis 6a 25m **

Extension to Argo, overhanging on good holds

63 Telemaco 5b 20m
64 Penelope 6a+ 20m
65 Caribbean Wedding 7a 20m
66 Lestrygon 6c 20m **

A tough, balancy, polished and sometimes slopy line up the arete to a juggy finish

67 Haryvdi 6a+ 20m *

Pollished and steep and hard at the start, then more pleasant

68 Mikrotera Kalamarakia 6b+ 15m
69 Mermizeli 6b+ 15m **

Steep with good holds, and awkward exit

70 Poly Retsina no good 6a+ 15m
71 Eurycleia 5b 15m
72 Lotophagos 5c+ **

A nice friendly wall

73 Lotophagos extension 6c+ 20m
74 Itaca 6c+ 20m
75 Ciao Vecchio 6c 20m
76 Ulisse Coperta di Sale 7a 20m **

A hard start, then an even harder crux move past a hard to clip bolt

77 Calipso 6c+ 20m
78 Alcinoo 7b 20m
79 Dionysos 7a 22m ***

A steep line with a hard move to finish

80 Omiros 7b 20m
81 My name is nobody 7c 20m
82 Atena 6b+ 20m
83 Circe 6b+ 19m **
84 Femio 6b 19m **

Large, shiny holds

85 Laertes 5c+ 18m ***

Big holds but strenuous for the grade

86 Nessuno 5c 18m **
87 On the verge 3 15m
88 The naughty Nun 4b 10m
89 The Verger 3 15m
90 Second Coming 4b 15m
91 Altar Boy 5a 15m
92 The Pulpit 5a 12m *

two hard moves at the start

93 The Mad Monk 4b 15m
94 The Kinky Cleric 4b 15m

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