Kalymnos Olympic Wall

Steep slabs and walls, on the big cra above Odyssey. Rough rock with lots of big tufas and pockets that give excellent climbing. Gets the sun after about 1.30pm

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
North West
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Cantela 6b 20m **

A short red wall at the left hand side of the cliff

02 Beta Bloc 6c 25m **

Steep wall with big holds

03 Défense d'y voir 5c+ 25m **

The rightward trending line

04 Alpha 6b 25m **

Starts right of Défense and finishes left of it

05 Kalynette 6b+ 27m **

The technical wall starting right of Alpha

06 Le bite ne fait pas le moine 6c 25m **

A hard start and shares the same belay as Kalynette

07 Le bite ne fait pas le moine extension 7a+ 40m Gold

The extension. Sustained.

08 Erotik market 6b+ 27m **

The technical slab left of Il movimiento sexi

09 Il Movimiento Sexi 6a 32m Gold

Follow the water runnel onto the slab and a lower off just before the wall steepens. An excellent route with elegant moves

10 Toutouille 6b 30m ***

The slab right of Il moviemento

11 Les Ch'tis 6b 30m ***

Shares the same lower off as Toutouille

12 Saphir 6c 30m ***
13 Sextoys 7a 30m ***
14 Telendos 7a+ 30m Gold

Excellent right of Sextoys to finish at that route

15 Kalyty 7b 25m Gold
16 Galasia Petra 8b+ 110m Gold

Three hard pitches, 1) 8a+ 40m; 2) 8b+ 40m 3) ; 7c 30m. It is not clear if it is fully bolted towards the top.

17 Laetyan 6c 25m ***

Technical and slippy climbing on the tufas that lead to the left hand side of the cave

18 Crack 7a 25m ***

The tufas to the right of Laetyan, traversing right at first and then back left at the top.Pumpy

19 Biloute 7a 30m ***
20 Yamas 8a+ 40m ***
21 Hogo Fogo 7c 35m Gold
22 Hellas Rodeo 8a 40m ***
23 Tornado Lou 7b 30m Gold

An excellent route up 3 separate tufas. Climb the first move right onto the second and then make some difficult moves to get back to the third. Save some energy for the top.

24 La Moule 7a 22m **
25 Happy Birthday 6c 35m ***

A surprising route following the slab to the right hand side of the cave and then up a tricky wall

26 Limonadovy 6b+ 30m *
27 Reve de femme 6b 22m ***

A couple of nice moves on the tufa

28 Folly 6b 22m *

At the left hand side of the cave, right of the tufa

29 Pingu 6c 23m **

One steep move and a hard clip

30 Saule 7a+ 30m ***

An excellent sustained route that is never really hard

31 Kalygula 6c 20m *
32 Blue Magic 7b+ 35m ***

A long, steep sustained route with tufas and pockets

33 Sleeping Beauty 7b 30m
34 Smooth Operator 7a+ 30m
35 Manic Depressions 7c+ 35m
36 Mella 7c+ 25m **

On the orange overhanging cliff below and right of Olympic wall

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