Kalymnos Symplegades

A pleasant location high above the southern end of Masouri with climbing in a sort of gorge that has always a sunny and shady side. The walls of the gorge give excellent steep pocketed climbing in the middle grades. The shade moves from the south to the north face between 1pm and 2pm.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5b - 7a
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
03 Isidora 6c 25m
04 Carlo Juliani 6a 15m
05 Anemodarmeni 6a 20m
06 Climbers Nest 6a 30m ***

One of the classics of the crag

07 Rabat 6c 45m

The extension to Climbers Nest

08 K.V.R. 6b 30m
09 Phineas 5c+ 20m
10 Neanderthal 6b 20m
11 Homo Sapiens 6c 20m
12 Kamari 6c+ 20m
13 Katsaplias 6c+ 20m
14 Ermix 7a 20m
15 Kiria Rita 6c+ 20m
16 TNT 6c 20m
17 Bubuki 6b+ 25m
18 Drama 6a+ 20m
19 Opera 6b 20m
20 Musical 6a+ 25m
21 Ivan 5c 25m
22 Gourmet 6b+ 15m
23 Donner 6c 10m

A short bouldery wall at the back of the gorge

24 Obolus 6b+ 25m
25 Igel 6c 25m

Start up the wall to clip the bolts, move into the corner and finish up the overhanging headwall

26 Iason 6b+ 25m
27 Skorpios 6a 25m
28 The Double Twins 5b 20m
29 Cleaner 5c 20m
30 Broom 6a 25m
31 Pretty 5c 25m