One of the best crags for hard sport climbing in the Bernese Oberland. Naturally this has led to many of the routes getting polished, but despite this it remains a favourite destination. The climbing is very interesting, on a limestone / sandstone mix, with all types of holds, from big jugs to tiny crimps through various slopers. Routes are up to 30m in length, generally solid and well bolted, although the bolts can sometimes be spacy.

The view from the parking of the Eiger, Monch and the Jungfrau, adds to the atmosphere and attraction.

Switzerland - Bernese Oberland
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6b to 8c
South East
In the morning, but often sheltered by the trees

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


A05 Meduse 7b
A06 Maikäfer 7a
A07 Talwand 7c
A08 Schiffbruch 8a+
A09 Coupe maison 8a
A10 Terra Inkognito 8a+
A11 Galaxy 7b
A12 Vérolée et Welten 7c
A13 Schiefer Turm 6c
A14 Trumpfbuur 7c
A15 Flohmärit 7a+
A16 Mango 5c
A17 Schlumpf 4c
A18 Garfield 7b
A19 Schweizerhalle 7b+

Starting up Schweizerhalle and finishing up Garfield is Kombination, 7a

A20 Chum u lueg 7c
A22 Steinbruch 7c
A23 Gnomenien 7c
A24 Far and Away 8a+
A25 Boomerang 8a
A26 Paranoia 7c+
A27 Good News 8a+
A28 Bonne année 7c
A29 Yobar 8a
A30 Knallfrosch 7b
A31 Mission Miranda 8c
A32 Dr wüescht Max 8a
A33 Target 8a
A34 Bananarama 7b+
A35 Bödeliblick 6b+
A36 Multi Müesli 7a
A37 Beresina 7c+
A38 Space Cowboy 7c+
A39 En garde 7b+
A40 Klaminski 7b+
A41 Salt and Pepper 7b
A42 Oregano 6c
A43 Einauge 6b+
A44 BMX 6c+
A45 Arco 6b
A46 Katzensprung 7a+


B04 Der Schlaue Sigi 7a+
B05 Gringo 7c+
B06 Tempi passati 7b
B07 Avanti Dilettanti 8a+
B08 Toto 7b
B09 Zentrifuge 8a+
B10 Lotti 8a
B11 Klamauk 7b
B13 Bad Boys 8b
B14 No Sika no Crime 8b
B15 Flamenco 8a+
B16 Spanish Lady 7c
B17 Winterzeit 7c+
B18 Scenario 7b+
B19 Meister Proper 7b
B20 Staubbach 7a 30m

Tricky moves at the overlap

B21 Staubsauger 6b+ 30m


B22 Tschupi 7b
B23 Saperlot 7b
B24 Huckepack 7b
B25 Bifidus 7a
B26 Kalif der Storch 7b+
B27 Califugo 7b
B28 Negrino 6c+
B29 Caruso 6b
B30 Topaz 6b
B31 Topaz extension 7b
B32 Alpin 6a+
B33 Stoplerstelle 6b+


C01 Amsel 5c
C02 Drossel 5c
C03 Fink 6a
C04 Star 5c
C05 Parasit 6b
C06 Staunefix 6b
C07 Vas-y 6a+
C08 Müggeli 6b+
C09 Omega 6b
C10 Gigampfi 6c
C11 Mogli 6a+

This and the next few routes are on the "Sichle" buttress

C12 Menzi Muck 7b+
C13 Outback 7a

The left hand start to the lower off is 6c (one move), the right hand start 6b+

c14 Neue 7b

One move

C15 Sichle 6b+ 25m

Traverses left at the top to the lower off of Outback

C16 Hallo Possum 6c+


D01 Troya 6b 25m

Long reaches at the start and fingery climbing to finish

D02 Rameli 7a 25m

Technical fingery climbing

D03 Wackelstein 7a
D04 Papadopolous 7b

Starting up Wackelstein and moving right into Papadpolous makes the route 7a

D05 Bandit 8a+
D06 Via Flacca 7b

Traversing low down into and up Bandit is 7a+

D07 Rosengarten 7c+
D08 D'Vera 6b
D09 Nasse Spagetthi 7a
D10 Bat 6c
D11 Kalimba 7b
D12 Kurpfuscher 7a
D13 Vegi-Trip 7a
D14 Igel 6a+
D15 Maquisard 7b+
D16 Sommersprosse 6b+
D17 Hey Joe 6b
D18 Trickkiste 6b+
D19 Tig-Tag 6c+
D20 Durststrecke 6b+
D21 Canto 6c
D22 Grauer Panther 6b+
D23 Alltag 6c+
D24 Taktlos 6c+
D25 Muschelweg 6a
D26 Feuer-Storm 7a+
D27 Hot Tuna 7c
D28 Die Qualle 8b
D29 Quasar 7c+
D30 Apero 6b+