San Vito lo Capo

A 4km line of limestone cliffs in the North West of Sicily, San Vito lo Capo offers something for everyone  with climbing in all grades. There are thousands of routes, all well bolted, mostly up to 30m in length, although there are a few longer pitches, and some multi pitch routes in the surrounding area. 

San Vito is a beautiful area with limestone pavements, sandy beaches and some mountain walks in the nearby hills and Zigora National Park.

Although it can be cool, climbing in winter is very popular here. Spring and autumn are perfect, it can rain, but the rock dries quickly. In summer it is far too hot.


Can be purchased at the reception at El Bahira campsite.

Crags in this region:

Title Description
Grotta Perciata

A steep tufa ridden crag with some excellent routes and a beautiful view. The crag is not far from the main San Vito cliffs and is in the shade most of the day; This is useful on hot days, also many of the routes stay dry in the rain, but it is cold in winter. 

San Vito - Bunker

The section of cliff right and left of the prominent white quarried face. It has mostly routes in the 5s and 6s, but there are a few harder routes.

San Vito - Cala Mancina

The North end of the San Vito cliffs is a beautiful area  especially around Mancina Bay. Limestone pavements, the Mediterranean and an abundance of wild flowers, especially in spring.  The climbing is also very good with a nice variety of routes.

San Vito - El Bahira

The crags directly behind the camping site

San Vito - Nowhere

The crags between the path leading to the supermarket in San Vito lo Capo and north of the El Bahira campsite.

San Vito - Pietrata

The area that starts above and to the right of the El Bahira Camp site. Lots of excellent climbing in all grades. Perfect in winter, hot in the summer.

San Vito - Pineta

A few hundred metres to the right of the campsite is a beautiful pine forest with some excellent climbing above it.

San Vito - Scomparto Rifiuti

Situated about 400m right of El Bahira camping, the "Waste Sector" has some excellent routes, despite the name.

San Vito - Terra media

The central part of San Vito has a a good seelction of mid grade routes and couple of interesting sectors, in particular Castello is in the shade in the afternoon.

San Vito - Torre Isulidda

The sector underneath the conspicuous tower,  about 800m right of the camping