Santa Linya - Cova Gran

Cova Gran is one of the most important hard sport climbing crags in the world. Certainly if the density of one pitch hard routes is the measure, it takes a lot of beating. There are 20 or so routes of 9a and above. The climbs here start at 7b, where its nearby neighbour Futbolin stops. The crag itself is set in a very peaceful location (kids and families apart) and although south facing the size of the cave means that much of it is usually in the shade, and certainly late in the day. Many of the routes have in situ karabiners. Be aware that some of these have been in use a long time, and that at other crags climbers have died when the sharp edges have cut the rope. If you see a quick draw in a bad condition, please replace it, it is a small price to pay for so many excellent routes. There are many more routes than shown on the topo here.

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
7b - 9b
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Airline part 1 7b+ 15m
02 Airline part 2 8a 30m

The extension

03 Analogica 9a+ 35m
04 Niu de Xut 7c 12m
05 Niu de Xut extension 8b 22m
06 Mercenaris del Passat 9a 35m

The extension to the extension, best to start up Niu de Xut (7c, 8b) just to the left of Kolumna Kalymna

07 Kolumna Kalymna 7b+ 12m
08 Kolumna Kalymna extension 8b 22m
09 Boludo 7b+ 15m
10 Travesia de los Gladiadores 8b 55m

7c+ to the lower off of Remeneo

11 Neanderthal 9b 45m

Starts up Travesia de los Gladiadores and then continues up from the lower off of Rock Fucks

12 Rock Fucks 8b+ 18m
13 Meneo Canario 7b 10m

No presents here

14 Remeneo 8b+ 22m

Extension to Meneo Canario

15 Asaltinbankis 7b+ 20m
16 Asaltinbankis part 2 8a+ 35m

the extension

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