Ulassai - Canyon

Situated just above the town of Ulassai, the canyon is a great summer destination with excellent climbing in all grades. It gets the shade in the afternoon and coupled with the altitude remains cool. Spring and autumn are also suitable for climbing.

Italy - Sardinia
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5c - 8a, with most interest in the 7s
until midday on the left, in the afternoon on the right
Climbing Area
Available in the cafes and shops in Ulassai, please buy it. The crags around Ulassai are equipped by several enthusiasts who have done a magnificent job. Show your appreciation.

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
a11 Intrusi sospetti 6a+ 25m
a12 Vision Crack 6a+ 25m

The obvious crack on the left as you enter the canyon. Excellent

a13 Molto rumora per nulla 7b 30m
a14 Ricordati di me 7b+ 30m
a15 Arcipelaghi 6b 20m
a15e Il coyote 7a+ 35m

The extension to Arcipelaghi

a16 Educanza 6b+ 20m
a16e Mezza pizetta 7c 25m

The extension to Educanza

a17 Non luogo 6c 30m
a18 Disamore 7b+ 15m
a19 Cattolico Decoro 7a 30m

A benchmark 7a

a20 la crime di coccodrilla 8a 20m
a21 Coccoolo & magnesite 8a 20m
a22 Hamtaro 7a 25m
a23 Tarantula 7a+ 25m
a24 Tasmania 6c 15m
a25 Quinto 6c 15m
a26 Maladittu Siasta 6c+ 15m
a31 Aquila skalza 7a 30m
a32 Up 7b+ 35m
a33 Koda 6a+ 15m
a34 Kenai 7c 20m
a35 La reina 8a 25m
a36 Zinghi 8a 25m
a37 Niagara 8a+ 25m
a38 Nazare 7c+ 20m
a39 Prozac blues 7b+ 15m

The first of 4 shorter routes under Flower Crack

a40 Artattak 7a 15m
a41 Ladri scalatori 15m
a42 Pasqua bagnata 6c+ 15m
a43 Flower crack 6c 35m

2 pitches 6a+; 6c

a44 The lobster 7c+ 20m
a45 Crystal waves 7a 20m
a46 I nodi vengeno al pettine 7b 15m
a47 Buon uomo 7a+ 15m
a48 Fruttolo 6c+ 30m

Two pitches 6b+; 6c+

a49 Agganamai 7c+ 30m

same start as Fruttolo, then move right

a50 Zitto e tira 7c 30m
a51 Mine vagante 8a+ 30m
a52 Ta peccau 8a 30m
a53 Trottolina 8a 30m
a54 La danza del maestrale 7a 30m
a55 Sabagas 7b 30m
a56 Anisakis 7b+ 25m
a57 Caccia alle streghe 7b+ 25m
a58 Meda 7c+ 25m
a59 Intervista col vampiro 7b+ 35m

Two pitches 7b; 7b+

a60 Ecco dati 8a 30m
a61 Progretto


a62 Bolle di zapone 7c+
a63 Savoiardo d'Egitto 7b 30m
a64 L'uomo senz'anima 8a+ 30m
a65 Still alive 8c 30m
a66 Il fanfarone


a67 Trilobite 8a
b01 Pissenlove 5a 15m
b02 Zimo 5c+ 15m
b03 Cri-minally 7a 15m
b04 Mummietta 6c+ 15m
b05 Giolla 6a 15m
b06 Cicciosauro 6b 15m
b07 Cicciasaura 6b 15m
b08 Formicuzza 6a+ 15m
b09 Crepa cuore 6b 15m
b10 Barra de leppuri 7c+ 15m
b11 Carola block 7a+ 15m
b12 Cavita sensuali 7a+ 15m
b13 Diagonal Theater 7b+ 15m
b61 Minimo decoro 5c 15m
b62 Questione di pitting 6a+ 20m
b63 Baby body painting 6b+ 25m
b64 Sfigatello 6b 35m
b65 Fuerta e ventura 5c 20m
b66 Bulgarmente 6b 20m
b67 Bocabulario 5b 10m
b68 Lole 5b 10m
b69 Amararmura 4c 10m
b70 Marinella boulder 5b 10m
b71 Cristina Canarina 5b 10m