Ulassai - Cave of Dreams

Actually a continuation of the main Ulassai canyon, more easily reached from the sports field north of the town. The cave is a small gorge that gives steep, strenuous climbing on tufas and edges. Can be damp and cold outside the summer months.

Italy - Sardinia
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6b - 7c+
always in the shade
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 A pollo one 6b+ 20m
02 Cross roads 7c+ 20m
03 Opinioni di un climber 8a

Same start as Light my Fire but continue direct

04 Light my fire 7c 15m
05 Lustion 6c+ 25m

Excellent varied and sustained climbing

06 We begin 7a 25m

The harder sister route to Lustion

06 Empty wallet 7b+ 20m
08 See without looking 8a 20m
09 B&V 7b+ 20m

The white tufa gets harder higher up

10 Provolina 7c
11 Seven 7b+
12 Coincidence or destiny 6c+
13 Upapa meccanica 6a+
14 Cola light 5c
16 Erbalife 5b
17 La danza dei nerd 6a+
18 Controluce 6b
19 Cittidi 6b
20 Why not 6b
21 Cromo 6b
22 Riglos
23 White out 6a 15m
24 Silver rope 7a 15m
25 Pink Ball 7a+ 25m
26 L'illusione di competere col tempo 7c+ 25m

Same start and finish as Pink Ball

27 lo Chiodo tu paga 8a+ 25m
28 Melo sushi 8a+ 25m
29 Nonna Pina e nonno Angelo 5b

Near the entrance

30 Stazione Curcuda 6b+