The Vosges national park is a large and beautiful area of sandstone west of the Rhine, between Mulhouse in the south and the German border in the north. Thee are three main climbing areas. In the south there are a few isolated outcrops, around the village of Gueberschwir. In the middle several outcrops west of Strasbourg. In the north the climbing area is on towers of sandstone, and geologically is an extension of the German Rheinland Pfalz. Unlike the Pfalz the routes are well bolted. 

The whole region is well worth a visit. It has many quiet, picturesque villages as well as excellent walking and cycling in the hills.

Climbing topos for the Vosges
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Crags in this region:

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Gueberschwihr is a beautiful little village in the middle of the vineyards on the edge of the Vosges. Just above the village is a sandstone escarpment with some very pleasant climbing and bouldering. It is easily accessible from the Rhine Valley, and s very popular, especially on sunny Sundays. The climbing is of good quality, very well bolted, with a bit of something for everyone crammed into a few small cliffs.


One of the most important crags in the central Vosges, Kronthal has a large selection of routes, mostly from 7a upwards. Access is easy, just a 2 minute walk, and the routes are varied and well bolted on good quarried sandstone. Perfect for projecting. Climbing is possible in the rain, and the south facing aspect means it is better in the cooler months. Kronthal does have its drawbacks though; the proximity of the busy road gives it a very urban feel; parking can be difficult and the lack of easy routes limits the possibilities. Despite this it will remain an important and popular crag.

Lac Blanc, Rocher Hans

An interesting granite crag in a beautiful location with multi pitch routes up to 70m in length. The routes are well bolted and finish on the top of the large pinnacle "Rocher Hans" that overlooks Lac Blanc. A couple of friends and wires may still be useful, depending on the route. The area is a popular tourist destination, with bathing in the lake when it is hot enough in the summer. The routes themselves are rarely crowded.


One of the best and most popular crags in the North of the Vosges. Langenfels has many excellent, well bolted routes on a number of towers.  A beautiful place with some excellent climbing. In the heat of summer, the small lake just down the road offers ice cream, beer,  sunbathing and swimming.

Rocher Philippe

A friendly crag just above the village of Philippsbourg. It has two faces, an overhanging East side with some hard, strenuous routes, and a vertical south side with some mid grade routes. Not a huge number of routes, but all of excellent quality, well bolted and ease of access

Vieux Windstein

A very interesting crag with a long history and some fine routes. The topology of Vieux Windstein is complex with tunnels, walkways and two major towers, but once you orient yourself you will find something to suit your taste.


A pleasant crag with some excellent, well bolted routes in beautiful surroundings. The Etang de Hanau offers swimming and camping in the summer months