Gueberschwihr is a beautiful little village in the middle of the vineyards on the edge of the Vosges. Just above the village is a sandstone escarpment with some very pleasant climbing and bouldering. It is easily accessible from the Rhine Valley, and s very popular, especially on sunny Sundays. The climbing is of good quality, very well bolted, with a bit of something for everyone crammed into a few small cliffs. Well worth a visit, but if possible avoid the weekends. It is possible to climb all year round, with sun on the cliffs in the morning, but shade in the afternoon, and the trees providing welcome shade on hot summer days.

France - Vosges
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
3 - 8c
In the morning
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


03 Arabesque 7b 20m

The crack line. Moving direct to the right of the crack is 7c

04 Viol de Gambe 6b 20m

A nice offwidth that is usually laybacked, but can be body jammed. Lower off at the top of the crack or continue to  higher lower off at the top

05 Association de malfaiteurs 7b 25m

An excellent climb with a hard crux move in the middle

06 Protection rapprochée 8a 25m

Sustained climbing

07 Controle continue 7c 25m

The thin crack line. There are variant starts and finishes

08 Latex 7b 10m

A hard move over the roof and then a hard move up

08e L'action du temps 8a 25m

The continuation of Latex can also be started from "Encore une fois"

09 Encore une fois, merci 7a 25m

The obvious crack is very polished at the crux

10 Blitz hard 7c+ 25m

6c to the lower off of Ben Chloe, then it gets hard

11 Ben Chloe 6b 15m

An exciting slab move after the first crack

12 Oubli 6b+ 15m

A few tricky moves after the bulge. There are various direct variations from under the roofs from 8a+ to 8c

13 Vingt mille lieux sous les mousses 6a 15m
13R Il n'y a que l'accu dans la vie 6c 20m

Starts as for Vingt mille and continues to the right

14 Sortie de secours 6b+ 20m


21 La Ballade du Fou 5c+ 15m
22 Pas de Roc 5c 15m
23 Échec et Math 5c+ 15m
24 Lamiak Links 6a 15m
25 Lamiak Rechts 5c 15m
26 Sphinx 5b 15m
27 Icare 5c 15m
28 Dalle 5c 15m
29 Osmose 6a 15m
30 Dojo 5b 15m
31 Röta 5c 15m
32 Misery 5c 15m
33 Départ Coton 6b+ 15m
34 Quérétaro 6a+ 15m
35 Boston 5c+ 15m
36 Fissure 5c 15m
37 Mars Sprite 5c 15m
38 Court Échelle 5b 15m
39 Filou 5a 15m
40 Dalle 4c 15m
41 Klimbim 5a 15m
42 Obelix 5c+ 15m
43 Lacombled 5c 15m
44 C'est donc bon 6b+ 15m
45 Du mou linette 5c 15m

This and the following routes are on the next buttress right, most have names at the bottom

46 Pitchounette 5c 15m
47 La Balade a Nani 5a 15m
48 Magali 5b 15m
49 Aurore 5c 15m
50 Etat d'Ame 6a+ 15m
51 Rudy 6b+ 15m
52 Sortilège 6b+ 15m

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