Kalymnos Arginonta

The bright red walls of Arginonta contain many outstanding climbs that are spoilt only by the popularity of the crag. With so many classic lines in the 6a to 6c range, it is perhaps no surprise that so many people flock to this climbing mecca. The arrival of the sun after midday on the right hand side forces everyone into the little space on the left hand side, making it feel crowded and detracting from the high quality of the routes. The message is clear. Arrive early and leave early.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
4c - 7c
South West
gets the sun after midday, a little later in some sectors
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


C01 Xaveri 7b 20m
C02 Electra 7a 20m
C03 Pandora 7c+ 25m
C04 Lysistrati 7a+ 30m

Steep tufas to an interesting pull over the bulge, and then the wall keeps you thinking. Excellent

C05 Oresteia 6c 25m




D01 Sexy 6a 25m
D02 Hot shot 5c+ 25m
D03 Blood sport 6a 25m
D04 NAB/FAW 6c 35m
D05 God is Lemmy 6a 30m
D06 Papagalos 6b 30m
D07 64 you 6b 30m
D08 Schneidel 6c 30m
D09 Bouboulina 6b 25m
D10 Koubinos 6b 25m
D11 Aristocrats 7a 30m
D12 No mercy 6b+ 25m

Big polished holds lower down, fingery moves higher up

D13 Merci 6b+ 25m

Same start as No mercy, then direct

D14 Pornokino 6a 30m
D15 Test under stress 6c 30m
D16 Kosmas 6b 30m
D17 Free Style 6a+ 28m ***

Excellent sustained and never too steep climbing

D18 Wild sex 6b 25m

Polished but still good

D19 Boerhok 6b 25m Gold

Steep climbing with very good hold, that keeps you on your toes right until the top

D20 Cap Arvithis 6b 25m
D21 Barba Yorghos 6c+ 25m ***

A good climb that pulls through the tufa roof to two long reaches to very good holds.

D22 Anna Maria 6c 25m ***

Steep sustained climbing to a long move for a big flake. Excellent but polished

D23 Katergo 7b 25m
D24 Motorhead 7b 30m
D25 No sleep 'til Hammersmith 7a+ 30m
D26 Money crushing machine 7a+ 25m
D27 Romance of stone 6c+ 25m
D28 Sex in the city 7a 20m

Fingery moves on the lower wall to reach a big hold, then easier

D29 Papou 5c+ 20m **

A pleasant climb right of the fence, that trends up steeply at the start to slabby climbing higher up



E01 For Sue and Steve 5a 20m
E02 Missing Link 4c 20m
E03 Shark bite 5c+ 20m
E04 Stock fish 5b 20m
E05 Clean 5c 20m
E06 Katharina 5a 20m
E07 Victoria 5a 20m
E08 Tufa slab 5c 20m
E09 Mike's rescue 5a 20m
E10 Loukoumades 5c+ 25m
E11 Adonibert 6a 25m
E12 Asche zu asche 6a+ 25m
E13 Kel karma 6b+ 25m
E14 Avri 6b 15m
E14e Kohlinet kafhouille 6c+ 30m

Extension to Avri

E16 And now for something... 5c+ 18m ***
E17 Climate change 6b+ 20m **

Nice moves between hold holds

E18 Albi Bak 7a+ 25m **

Excellent climbing up the tufa groove and not so easy over the roof

E19 Code Quantum 7a 20m **

A polished tufa followed by large pockets, with nice moves between them

E20 Red Sea secrets 7a 30m **

A hard tufa followed by a technical wall. Excellent.

E21 Fire Wall 7b 25m **

Two hard crux moves. Long reaches and getting very polished

E22 Hard primal 6c+ 30m **
E23 Klausis 6a+ 30m ***

Find the hidden jug!

E24 Papadopoulos 6b+ 30m **
E25 Birds without arms 5c+ 25m **
E25e Birds without arms extension 6b 30m **
E26 Lemmy for president 6a+ 30m ***

Crags in Kalymnos