Kalymnos Arginonta

The bright red walls of Arginonta contain many outstanding climbs that are spoilt only by the popularity of the crag. With so many classic lines in the 6a to 6c range, it is perhaps no surprise that so many people flock to this climbing mecca. The arrival of the sun after midday on the right hand side forces everyone into the little space on the left hand side, making it feel crowded and detracting from the high quality of the routes. The message is clear. Arrive early and leave early.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
4c - 7c
South West
gets the sun after midday, a little later in some sectors
Climbing Area


Sector Description Sun Grades
A Arginonta Vertical Sailing

Start early, it gets hot here

After 10am 5b-7b
B Arginonta Donkey

A nice sector, also approachable direct

After 12 6a-7b
B Arginonta Holiday

Lots of mid grade routes 😀

After 12 4c-6c
C Arginonta Ampitheatre

Steep routes

After 13.30 6c-7b
D Arginonta Infrared Wall

Lovely climbing on red rock

After 13.30 5c-7a+
E Arginonta Firewall

The right hand sector is the first one you reach from the

After 12.00 5a-7b

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