Kalymnos Arhi

Arhi is an excellent and popular crag, and has a bit of everything. The left hand side has mostly steep wall climbs, the cave some of the hardest routes and projects on the island, and the right hand side is often busy.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5a to 9a
After about 10am on the left side, a bit later on the right, and later still in the cave
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


01 Minimum 5a 30m
02 Syriza 5b 40m

An excellent long climb on good holds

03 Etsi 6a 40m
04 Ki etsi 6b 30m
05 Axe 6b 35m
06 Komak 6a+ 35m
07 Kalyneus 6a+ 40m
08 Apoplous 6a 25m
09 Tsopanakos 6a+ 25m
10 Dell mabul 6a 25m

Goes to the same lower off as Tsopanakos

10e Dell mabul extension 6a+ 40m

The extension to Dell mabul

12 Kalymero 6a 40m
13 Adonis 6a+ 30m
13e Adonis extension 6b 40m
15 Green line 6b 40m

green bolts

16 4 U 6c 40m
17 Le bras du guide 6b+ 40m
18 Masouri 6b 40m
19 Nixou 6a+ 35m
20 Les pénibles 6a 35m
21 Saoul agé 6a 25m
21.5 Art Gato 6a
22 Small fish 6b 30m
22.5 Falcon Grimpe 6b
23 Monolith 6b 35m
23.5 Enferme Dehors 6b
23.5 Art Gato extension

Grade and length unknown

24 Black snake 6b 25m
24.5 Elksounds 6b 20m
25 Simba + Zabur 6a+ 35m
26 Stanislas 6a+ 30m

An excellent route going through the small bulge and then making a rising traverse on gouttes d'eau

27 Killian 6b 30m
31 Harry parterre 6c+ 40m
32 Phobos 6c 25m
33 Deimos 6a+ 30m
33e Deimos extension 7a+ 45m
34 Pares 6a 30m
34e Mars attacks 7b+ 45m

The extension to Pares

35 Scacco 5c 25m
36 Europa 6a 30m
36e Europa extension 7b 42m

The extension to Europa

37 Argonauti 5c 25m
37e Argonauti extension 6a 30m

The first short extension 

38 Teseo 5c 25m
39 Pegaso 5b 25m
40 Chrysaor 5c 25m
41 Centauro 5c+ 25m
42 Ercole 6a 20m
42e Kotopoula 7c+ 40m

Ercole extension

43 Ziwi 6a 25m
43e Diskolo 8a 40m

The left hand extension to Ziwi is climbed on undercuts

43f Efkolo 7b+ 40m

The right hand extension to Ziwi



44 The underclings 7a 40m
45 Galopoula 6c 30m
45e Galopoula extension 7c 40m
46 Megala kotopoula 7c 30m
47 Orgasme minerale 7b+ 25m

Starts as for Megala K., and continues right along the tufas blobs

47e Little Yosemite 8b+ 40m

The left hand extension to Orgasme M. follows the crack

47f Orgasme mineral extension 7c+ 50m

The right hand extension. 80m rope required

48 Call me baby 6a+ 20m
48e Call me baby extension 8b+ 30m
49 Youpi l'ecole est finie 8c 25m
50 J.F.O. 9a 50m
51 Kalymnostrobe 8a 35m
51e Kalymnostrobe extension 8b 55m
52 Takopoulos 8a 40m
53 Los rocos di cantalos 7c 25m
53e Los rocos di cantalos extension 8a+ 50m
54 Bijou caché 8c 25m
55 Giorgio de la jungle 7c 20m

spaced bolts

56 Mammifere vibes 8a+ 25m
57 Ne pas toucher à ma bite 8a+ 30m
58 Eros 7c 20m

A classic

59 Angelika 8a 25m
60 Kastor 7a 15m
60e Super Kastoras 8a+ 35m

The extension to Kastoras

61 Polydeykes 7a+ 20m
62 Il pittore 6b+ 20m
63 Barbara 7a+ 35m

A climb of two halves

64 Thetis 6b+ 20m

The tufa corner

65 Poseidon 6c 25m
66 Mofeta 6c+ 25m
67 Black Ghekko 6b 25m

ARHI RIGHT. The crag slowly changes from steeply overhanging to wall and then slabby routes

68 Nereidi 6a+ 25m
69 Icaro 6c 25m
70 Triaina 6b 25m
71 Orione 6a 25m
72 Dedalo 6a+ 25m
73 Medusa 6a+ 25m
74 Perseo 6a+ 25m

The first 25m of "Kalymnian Cheese" a 3 pitch 150m multipitch (6b; 6c; 7a+). The multipitch is often loose with spaced bolts. Do not climb when others are around. Abseil descent 2x60m ropes required.

75 Minotauro 5c 20m
76 Hey birdy namnam 6c+ 35m

right of Minotauro


ARHI FAR RIGHT.  A few metres further right the angle eases giving some easier routes.

80 Carlo non farlo 5b 20m
81 Optasia 5b 20m
82 Arianna 5b 20m
83 Cerbero 5b 20m
84 Arhaggelos 5a 20m
84 Caronte 5a 15m
86 Hollow man 4b 15m
87 Pinipon 4c 15m
88 Aristos 5b 20m
89 Viking fire 5a 20m
90 Alba 6a 20m

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