Kalymnos Belgian Chocolates

Excellent wall climbing on good pockets and gouttes d'eau. Some of the routes are 2 or more pitches, the 2nd pitches of which are excellent.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
Mostly 5c to 6c
Gets the sun after 11am
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Utah 7a 30m

The overhanging crack leads to a slab

02 Pietro 7c+ 35m
03 Grazie alla vita 7c+ 35m
04 Megalo skilo 7c 30m
08 Myticon 7b 20m

Shares the lower off with the next route. Sharp

09 Pitaman 6c 20m

Just left of Marie Laure

10 Grignotte 5c+ 20m

The left hand of 3 extensions to Marie-Laure. 50m in total

11 Madeleine 6a 40m

The middle of 3 extensions to Marie-Laure, 70m in total

12.1 Marie-Laure 6a+ 30m ***

A nice pitch with positive incut holds leads 

12.2 Marie-Laure pitch 2 6b 30m

pitch 1 and pitch 2 are 60m in total

13 Loulou 6a+ 40m

An excellent long single pitch amongst the two pitch routes on this wall

14 Le Glod 6b 70m

3 pitches: 1) 6a+ 30m; 2) 6b 20m; 3) 6b 20m

15 Mika 6b 70m

1) 6a+ 30m; 2) 6b 40m

16 Plouf 6a+ 65m ***

Two pitches 6b+; 6a+. A magnificent 2nd pitch with a difficult and not so good first pitch. Possibly better to start up Stone Diver

17 Stone Diver 6a+ 65m

5c+; 6a+. A sustained 2nd pitch

18 Patouch 6b 60m

Two pitches 6a+; 6b

19 Jump 6b 70m

3 pitches 6b;6b;6b. Starts left of the cave

20 Milka 5b 15m

A short route into the cave

21 Bevers Bolts 7b 110m

5 pitches: 5a; 7b; 6a+; 6b; 6a

22 Red spot 5c 20m
23 Strange tree 5c 20m
23e Strange tree extension 7b 35m
25 Rock Shrimps 6a+ 20m
25e Rock shrimps extension 7a 35m
27 Sharp things 5c 15m
27e Sharp things extension 7a 30m
29 Colibri 6b+ 30m
30 5 à 7 7a 85m

3 pitches: 7a; 6c; 6b

31 La Puffetta 6a+ 35m

The crack on the left hand side of the Mouette pillar

32 Il grande puffo 6c+ 35m
33 Le coq 6c 35m
34 La Mouette 6c 35m

Excellent, although run out in places

35 Sweety 7a 35m

Crux at the top

36 Nicole 6a 30m

Harder lower down, but still sustained

37 Gali-gali 6a+ 30m
38 Dix corde 6b 30m
39 Thia fotisi 6a+ 30m
40 Goatfather 6a+ 30m
41 Dodo 6a+ 30m
42 C.A.P 6c 30m **

A lovely 6a slab with a tricky 6c crux

43 Ewa 6b 25m
44 Faron 5c 25m
45 Jolli 5c 25m
46 Sunny mousse 5c 30m
47 Cahin-caha 5c 20m
48 Bling-bling 6a 25m
49 Tic-tac 5c 30m
50 Tchin-tchin 6b 30m
51 Couci-couca 5c+ 30m
52 Fric-frac 5c+ 30m
53 Sponge diver 5c 25m
54 CU at the wall 5b 25m
55 Gocce 5b 25m
56 Plaisir 4c 30m

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