Kalymnos Cave

Cave is so called because of, you guessed it, a cave. Not the cave on the crag, but the cave under the crag which is accessed via an iron gate and a ladder and is well worth exploring, it is huge. The cave on the crag is also pretty big and offers a few hard tufa climbs. Either side of this are some pleasant easier slab and wall climbs, all very enjoyable. The cave under the ground never gets the sun, the cave on the crag gets it after 2pm and the rest of the cliff after 1pm.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5a - 7c
South West
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

UPPER CAVE. Reached by scrambling up to the left from the main cliff

01 Playground 6b 15m

A grey wall 50m to the left of the upper cave

02 Slide 4a 20m

Climbs to the same lower off as Playground

03 Dodgem 5c 25m 0

Loose and not worthwhile

04 Zicke 6b+ 20m

Technical climbing at the left hand side of the upper cave wall

05 Olympics 776 BC 6b 20m

Nice climbing up the pocketed wall left of Olympics 2004

06 Olympics 2004 7a+ 20m ***

Sustained and technical wall climbing

07 Red Monkey 7a 15m

Climbs the steep part of the upper cave via polished pockets then large holds

08 White snake 6a+ 15m

Climbs the slab that traverses above the right hand side of the upper cave

09 White mouse 6a+ 20m
10 Grey chilli 5c+ 20m
11 Thyme honey 5c 20m


21 Sam 6c 25m
22 Legolas 5c 20m
23 Aragorn 5b 20m
24 Pony Luz 4b 15m
25 84 5c 25m
26 Dios 6b+ 25m
27 Saroman 7a+ 25m
28 Eirini 7c+ 25m
29 Anthi 7c 20m ***

Huecos and a long reach

30 Florianopoulos 7c+ 25m ***
31 Sascha on the road 7b 20m **

Make committing moves onto the tufa and then climb it powerfully to a tricky exit move before the final easier wall. A slippy route.

32 Blue Eye 6b 20m
33 Golden Eye 5c 20m
34 Per Elisabetta 7a 20m ***

Short, sustained and very well bolted climbing up through the bulge. There is an extension but probably not worthwhile.

36 Zizanie 6b+ 35m ***
37 Orea 6b 25m ***
38 Titine 6b 35m ***
39 Mathitis 5b 20m **

Tricky last move

40 Sto Kalo 5b 20m *
41 Hopper 5b 20m
42 Cat Walk 6b 20m *

Technical and reachy moves up the groove

43 Phidias 5c 20m *

One awkward step right

44 Sleepwalker 6a 25m *

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