Kalymnos E.T.

E.T. is so called because of it's resemblance to the alien in the Spielberg film. The cave forming the left eye has hard tufa cimbing up its overhanging walls, whilst the main buttress, between the eyes, has several long middle grade routes from 6a to 6c. A lot further left (facing in) is the Koukouvas buttress with some more middle grade wall climbs. The crag has the advantage in hot weather of being in the shade for most of the day, and the disadvantage that this sometimes means you have to wear warm clothes, especially if it is windy. Because of it's remoteness from the main Masouri climbing centres, it is usually a lot quieter than the other cliffs.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a - 8b
North East
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


01 Zupp le Pinguin 6c 25m

The left hand route on the Koukouvas buttress

02 Ouh Punaise 6b+ 25m
03 Baila Linda 7b+ 30m

The extension to Ouh Punaise

04 Sylvie 6c 20m
05 Jako 6c 20m
06 Manu 7a 20m
07 Et Defi Fit 6c 20m
08 Titi 6b+ 20m
09 Paty Fifty 6b 20m
10 Lin des 100 6b 20m
11 Le Defi a Lisou 6a 17m


12 Daisy 6b 60m

The left hand route on the main buttress.Two pitches, 6a; 6b, descend by abseil

13 Anemone 6b+ 60m

6a; 6b+. The second pitch finishes at the same lower off as Daisy

14 Iris 6a+ 30m

Single pitch

15 Orchid 6c+ 70m

Two pitches 6b;6c+

16 Ibiscus 6b+ 70m

6b+; 6b, the second finishes at the same lower off as Orchid

17 Poppy 7b 20m

Climbs out of the back of the cave (ET's mouth), splitting the main buttress

18 Rose 6b 40m

Starts right of the cave and moves left above it. 80m rope needed.

19 Lily 6b 35m

Start as for Rose, and climb direct

20 Snowdrope 6a+ 80m

Starts just right of Rose. Two pitches 6a; 6a+

21 Silver Bells 6b 35m

To the right again of Snowdrope



22 Project
23 Megalomania 7b+ 15m

The easiest route in the cave

24 Rebellion 8a+ 20m
25 Uprising 8b 25m
26 Tyrant 8a+ 25m
27 Dura Mater 8a+ 40m

Crags in Kalymnos