Kalymnos Galatiani

A quiet cliff with three distinct sectors. Reservoir Dogs is the nearest to the road and has a handful of long wall climbs on rough rock. The Calcite Cave is a mini Grande Grotte with a number of excellent steep tufa climbs, and a few easier routes to either side. Black Forest is a small crag with a few pleasant, albeit sharp, climbs. The sun reaches the Calcite Cave between 12 and 1pm, the other two crags a bit earlier, around 10.30am. In the warmer months it is worth the effort of an early start. 

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6a - 8b
Reservoir dogs gets the sun after about 10am, Calcite cave after 12.30
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Mr White 5c 20m **
02 Mr Brown 6a 20m **
03 Mister Black 6b 30m **
04 Joe 6c+ 30m
05 Mr Blond 6b+ 30m **
06 Mr Pink 6b 25m **
06a Mr Pink extension 6c+ 35m **

Not a lot harder than Mr Pink

07 Mr Red 6c 30m
08 Reservoir Dogs 5c 20m

Climbs up to the roof

08a Reservoir Dogs extension 7a 35m
09 Mr Blue 7a 35m

The right hand line through the roof

11 Bella 4c 25m

On the grey slabs 50m left of the calcite cave

12 Veros 4a 20m

The 2nd "grey slab" route

13 Sunrider 6b+ 30m

At the left hand side of the orange wall left of the Calcite cave

14 Crispy 6c+ 35m
15 Lustzapfen 7a 30m
16 Wendenexpress 7a 135m ***

1) 6c+; 35m 2) 7a 30m; 3) 6a 20m; 4) 6c 30m; 5) 6a 20m. 6b+ obligatory, spaced bolting, 2x50m recommended.

17 Grip 7b 35m ***

Climbs from the R to the first lower off of Wendenexpress. Excellent

18 Focus 7c 35m
19 K44 7a 22m ***

A steep sustained tufa climb with long moves in the middle

20 Nymfi 7b 30m

A hard move in the middle

21 Feuerdorn 7a+ 20m
21e Sueur d'hommes 8a 40m

The extension to Feuerdorn. Beta info here

23 Debout les Morts 7c+ 40m
24 Zero Chichon 7c+ 40m
24e Zero Chichon extension 8a 50m
26 Geogoune 7c 40m
27 Calcite Star 7b 25m

Starts as for Geogoune then moves right up the tufa

27e Calcite Star plus 7b+ 40m

The extension to Calcite Star

29 Kroterih 7b 30m
30 La Perceuse a Dede 7a 30m

Start as for Kroterih and move right

31 Rognol 7a 30m
32 Latex 7a+ 35m
33 Vagina 6c 30m
34 Anal+ 6b+ 25m *

Wall, tree and chimney

35 B2 6a+ 25m *

Slippy slab with a steep finish

36 Stanouch 5b 20m

The easy pillar

37 Metaxa 8b 40m

The right lip of the upper cave

38 Sounet 5a 20m

The slab right of Stanouch

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