Kalymnos Iannis

Iannis is a the large stalactite cave at the left hand end of Poets, flanked by steep orange walls containing many steep classic tufa lines. Included also are the grey and white slabs a bit further right containing many excellent easier routes. The slabs get the sun after 1pm, the cave itself stays in the shade until 3pm. It's accessibility, the quality of climbing and late shade make it a popular destination. 

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Fence Guest 6b+ 30m
02 La mer et le vent 6c+ 30m ***
03 Ypakoe 6c+ 20m
04 Kalotina 6a 20m *

climb the right hand slab with some tricky moves at half height

05 Le régne de saturn 7a 25m **

A slab followed by a short bulge

06 Eclat de soleil 7a+ 22m ***

A couple of tricky and a lot of sustained moves

07 Petranta 7a+ 25m **

the overhanging tufa arete is climbed with a hard move left at the top of the tufa, and then big holds and hard moves going up and back right. Care with rope drag from the first few bolts

08 O Draconian Devil 8b 20m
09 La looz 8a 20m
09e Mine 35m

The extension to La looz. 8b+?

11 Sevasti 7b 20m

steep climbing on the right hand side of the cave to a hard final move

12 Themelina 7b+ 20m
12e Super Themelina 7c+ 35m

The extension to Themelina

14 Racomelo 8b 35m
16 Tufa King Pumped 7b+ 35m
17 A Space in Time 35m


18 Attitude 7a 20m ***

A technical route up the arete, with a tricky move left onto the slab

18e Attitude extension 8a 40m
20 Adolf in the bay 6c+ 20m ***

Excellent susained climbing up the wall to the right of Attitude

20e Adolf in the Bay extension 7c+ 40m
22 To Manna 7b+ 20m
22e To Manna extension 8a 40m
24 Verikoko 7a 30m
25 Sens unique 7a 40m ***

A long route up the orange wall

26 Zagori 6c 40m **
27 Kalyne 6b 30m ***
28 Yaka 6b 35m **

Crags in Kalymnos