Kalymnos North Cape

Pleasant climbing, mainly on slabs and steep walls with a couple of caves to test the ambitious climber. Bolting is good and the holds often sharp. Gets the sun between 10.30am on the LHS, and 13.00 on the right hand side cave.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5b - 8b
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Mixed 5c 25m

The left hand route on the ledges above and left of the Inshallah cave

02 Windy 5b 20m
03 Corner 5b 20m
04 No Fly Zone 5b 35m

The rib

05 B.E.B 6a 30m
06 Galup 6b 30m ***

Steep and sustained. An excellent route

07 Inshallah 8c+ 15m Gold

Hard boulder moves across the lip of the cave

08 Marshmallow 8a 12m

Another steep bouldery route

09 Sposi 6c 15m ***

Just right of the cave, climb steeply on big holds

10 To Proto Moro Mou 5c+ 25m **

Start up a short corner and continue pleasantly up the wall

11 Seal 5c 25m

Pleasant, continuous climbing

12 Hantsch 7a+ 20m
13 Reize 7a 25m
14 Seferis 6c 40m

Tricky at the overhang. 80m rope needed

15 Megastore 6b+ 40m

80m rope needed

16 Rosso di Serra 6b 30m
17 Prego 6b+ 30m ***

Excellent wall climb

18 Grazie 6a+ 30m
19 Scanner 6a 30m **

Pleasant climbing with one thought provoking move to reach the upper break.

20 Leone 6a+ 30m
21 Iglu 6b 30m
22 Et la cloche sonne 3x 7b 25m

Crux at the roof

23 Le mur d'epicure 7c 25m
24 Ahimsa 7b+ 25m ***

The twin tufas

25 Orca 7b 20m
26 Polar Bear 7a 30m **

Technical and steep climbing past the first four bolts leads to pleasant wall climbing on iron rugosities

27 Partiro 7a+ 25m
28 French connection 6a+ 30m
29 Ice Age 5c+ 30m **
30 Hawk 6a+ 30m ***

Delicate and fingery climbing up the steep wall

31 Elk 6b 25m **
32 Polar Star 6b 30m **

Climbs up and through the small cave Sustained, balancy climbing on small holds

33 Nordic Walkinig 6a 20m **
34 North Light 6a 25m **

The last route on this slab of rock

35 Funatiker 7a+ 25m ***

The gently overhanging wall left of the Helios cave

37 Helios 8a 15m ***

The steep left hand tufa

38 Nirvana 7c 15m ***

The right hand tufa, Sustained

39 Stachelschwein 6c+ 15m *

Short and bouldery

40 Ren 5b 20m **

Hard to start and hard to finish

41 Karibu 6a 20m *

Just right of Ren

42 Beluga 5b 20m *
43 Whale 6a 20m *
44 Krill 6b 20m *

Crags in Kalymnos